Pizza&Co opens store in Dimapur


Dimapur, November 15: “We didn’t choose pizza, the pizza chose us,” said Apong Longchar, one of the proprietors during the opening of Pizza&Co at Barista Coffee building, Duncan Basti today.

Pizza&Co is a family based business that was born from the pandemic lockdown. Apong Longchar said that Pizza&Co provides pizza that is authentic Italian pizza with thin crust which is a first of its kind in Dimapur.
He mentioned that lockdowm was a blessing for him and his family as it helped them to come up with the idea to open the Pizza&Co. It is their first business establishment, and they were worried since they were on their own but they were able to overcome it through joint ventures.
The proprietors of Pizza&Co are Abenla Imchen, Liensen Imchen, Apong Longchar and Islandnaro. Regarding their future plans, they said that if the business furnishes well they will plan to extend their business branches.
The chefs at the Pizza&Co are trained from a trainer in Bangalore. There are 2 chefs and 2 employees, and they will be registering themselves in food safari and 1 delivery agency for takeout deliveries.
The opening of the Pizza&Co was blessed by Limaakum Longchar, Associate Pastor DABA, through his prayers and wisdom. (Page News Service)