Phek Town Inter-Colony Tournament

Phek, October 16: The Phek Town Inter-Colony Tournament entered second day here today at Phek Town Local Ground under the aegis of Phek Town Youth Society.
On Tuesday, Bethany-1 beat Bethel 2-1 in football event. New colony beat Jerico-1 2-1 while Hebron-ll defeated Hebron-l with four goals to one.
Men’s volleyball: Zion colony overpowered Jerico-ll, Hebron-l beat Mission Compound while Bethany-ll defeated Bethel.
Women volleyball: Bethel beat New colony, Bethany-l downed Zion colony.

Day 3 (October 17) fixture
9: 00 AM onwards
*Bethel Vs Jerico-l.
* Mission Compound Vs Hebron-l.
Women volleyball
*Hebron-11 vs Bible Hill
* New colony vs Hebron-1
* Jerico-1 vs Bethany-11
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