Pfutsero farmers donate vegetables and firewood to Bayavü residents


Kohima, June 2: In what would be a prime example of humanity at its best, farmers from Pfutsero Town, KALOS Society, Pfutsero Town Baptist Church and Leshemi Women’s Welfare Society donated a truckload of vegetables along with firewood, which were again distributed for free to the residents of Bayavü Panchayat in Kohima on Wednesday.

Queried about the initiative that led to this grand gesture from the farmers of Pfutsero, Director of KALOS Society, Kupelhi Losou said the farmers had approached KALOS Society on how to share their blessings with people in need, since they cannot sell the vegetables like the previous years, due to the lockdown.
Subsequently, the KALOS Society coordinated with Pfutsero Town Baptist Church and Leshemi Women Welfare Society.

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More than 10 varieties of vegetable, cultivated and non-cultivated, were distributed between Upper, Middle and Lower Bayavü with the assistance of Covid-19 Action Committee, Bayavü Panchayat. (Page News Service)