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Saturday, January 20, 2018

12th January 2018

Friday, 12 January 2018 12:43
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ARIES: The end of this working week will delight Aries. You received a high opinion of your professionalism, and your boss has promised that you will be sent on a prestigious business trip. This is what you decide to properly celebrate, gathering your best friends at home in the evening. The party will end long after midnight, after a cascade of pleasant emotions. 

TAURUS: Taurus will spend this Saturday in high spirits, not knowing what boredom or fatigue is. Everything will inspire you, even colleagues you did not like in the past. The only unpleasant episode of the day comes in the evening, before going to bed. You will be waiting for your favorite TV show to start, and at that moment a neighbor with another stupid request will come to you. 

GEMINI: The Geminis’ January 12, 2018 will include no major victories. The only highlight of this Saturday for you personally is to purchase a new accessory. Everything that happens to you afterward will be concentrated around this purchase. First your family, and then your friends, will be discussing this thing, each praising it in different ways and clearly envying you.

CANCER: Cancers today will not be able to free themselves from unrest. First, you will worry that your new boss is too strict for you, and in the evening you will be disappointed by someone close to you. You will ask this person to help, hinting that you yourself have helped him many times in the past. This person will refuse to sacrifice his Saturday for the sake of your problems. 

LEO: The Leos today will gain an understanding of the reasons for their difficulties in the sphere of love. In the evening, you go on a date, mentally thinking of it as the start of a very serious and lasting relationship. But no, these relationships never hit it off, and the reason is your excessive self-confidence.

VIRGO: Virgos on this day should not overestimate the strength of their immunity. Do not forget that the window is cold January, which means you cannot leave the house without a hat and heavy coat. Caution should be shown in financial affairs. Do not shop exclusively on emotions - there is a risk that they will completely mislead you.

LIBRA: Libras on this day will attract great interest from some high-ranking person. He even promises to assist your professional life, but you do not need to be too grateful. To get a higher professional rank or a new position, you do not need patrons, but new accomplishments at work. Think about where you are strongest, and proceed without delay to these projects. 

SCORPIO: Scorpions today refuse to understand the intentions of someone close to them. Planning for Saturday’s leisure, you will only think about how to get rid of the fatigue accumulated at work. As a result, you will veto the wish of your household to organize a big party. It will not take place, and instead of fun, laughter and fellowship, you are in for a sad evening, which only will justify the unkind remarks of your offended relatives. 

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius will spend this Saturday as if the weekend is unending. You will be able to keep upbeat mood both during the daytime while you work around the house, and in the evening when a busy meal starts at your best friend's house. These gatherings will last until the very early morning, and you will have to spend the night at your friend’s.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns on January 12th should be as careful as possible carrying out current projects. If you allow yourself to rush in this task, the risk increases that you will commit a number of very large errors. You can fully relax only when this day is over. In the evening, you are treated to an amazing event in the house of one of your relatives.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius will take in all the events of today with melancholy. Knowing that your Sunday will be exactly the same (at work), you will cease to rejoice that the long-awaited weekend is here. However, in the evening your best friend still pulls you along for the usual weekend gatherings. They will pass well, except alcohol, a plentiful meal, and a late return home will not contribute to your well-being the next morning. 

PISCES: Pisces on January 12, 2018 should not boldly experiment with their appearance. After doing so, you will experience nothing but disappointment and regret. Instead of changing something in your appearance, try out small reforms in your personal space. There is a chance that in the evening, after going for a walk around the shopping center, you will come across some unusual object, and it will very handsomely complement the interior composition of your house. 

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