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Saturday, January 20, 2018

17th December 2017

Sunday, 17 December 2017 12:32
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ARIES: Aries should give up on elevated physical activity. Spend Sunday keeping your rhythm moderate, and your body will respond with great gratitude. In the evening, you will feel a colossal surge of energy that should be conserved. Leave this energy for the upcoming week so that you can attain some impressive results using it. 

TAURUS: On December 17 Taurus representatives will tend to be doubtful about themselves and their attractiveness for the opposite sex. You will meet men who you would love to spend the rest of your life with, but for some reason you won't take any steps to get closer to them.

GEMINI: Geminis will spend Sunday very easily and romantically. You will refuse to spend your time on household chores and direct all your strength to bond with loved ones. In the evening you will be able to spend some time together only with your romantic partner, and the time will stop moving for you two.

CANCER: Cancers should spend this day trying to look after themselves. Strengthen your immunity in every way possible, start taking vitamins and, and definitely take some time engaging into moderate physical activity. Sports will be beneficial not only for your health but also for your looks. 

LEO: On December 17, 2017 Leos will spend the whole day being confused. You will not understand the intentions of your close people (especially the representatives of the older or younger generations). The entire day will depend on them, and you might risk losing your only deserved weekend. 

VIRGO: Today Virgos will easily manage any activity related designing something. Offer your help to friends who have recently initiated some house renovations, or fantasize over any changes to be made in your own house. Also today you will find great success in the financial sphere.

LIBRA: Libras today will initiate some very intense activities related to winter celebrations preparation. This will be some very pleasant work to do so you won't be tired at all after. Evening period will also be spent in some active way (it is possible that you will go to the skating rink or start building a snow fortress). 

SCORPIO: Scorpios will be puzzled by some complicated issue related to the sphere of interpersonal communications. Most likely, you will try to find out what kind of feelings are experienced by the person you really like. You will test him in order to uncover the nature of his attitude towards you.

SAGITTARIUS: Today Sagittarius representatives should be surrounded by care and affection of their loved one. A very difficult issue might emerge in your life, which will almost completely deprive you of your good mood. You cannot resolve this issue, but you are capable of making your better half forget this issue. 

CAPRICORN: Capricorns will take a risky step with the goal of becoming richer as fast as possible. And you really will manage to achieve this goal, though on a slightly smaller scale than initially planned. When your bank account starts growing slowly, do not rush to spend all that money quickly.

AQUARIUS: On December 17, 2017 Aquarius representatives will experience difficulty in overcoming their natural shyness while communicating with one of their least favorite relatives. This person will closely monitor everything that you say and do while trying to catch your mistakes. If you feel uneasy in the presence of this person, try to save yourself from communicating with her. 

PISCES: Today Pisces should avoid any kind of conflict. By participating in them, you will noticeably damage your reputation, and people surrounding you will start thinking that you are deliberately provoking some conflicts just because of being impulsive. 

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