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Saturday, January 20, 2018

13th December 2017

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 12:09
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ARIES: Today could find you wanting to talk, talk, and talk, as your mind should be full of exciting ideas to put to use in the workplace or at home. Taking care of business is most likely your number one priority. You desire organization and practicality and you simply want to get things accomplished. Work objectives and good health take on more importance now.

TAURUS: Your very capable ability to manage and direct others will be in high focus. You should find it an exceptionally good time to be with others and to work together. There is a need for your knowledge and you get pleasant results as you volunteer your time. 

GEMINI: You may find enjoyment in probing your inner workings or some good solid gossip. You find value in your darker, more secretive areas and don't mind working through some sensitive problems. You set all of the chatter aside when new business becomes a rush to finish. 

CANCER: You may have an emotional conflict with someone younger than you. Your feelings, or the feelings of someone who supports you, may need your attention. Your ideas and thoughts may help to sooth a situation and minds can be changed in an instant. Taking the difficult and creating a positive end result is something you are known to accomplish, over and over again.

LEO: Now is the time for you to receive recognition. Peers and superiors give you credit for your hard work. You have more animation in your thought process than you might realize-start using it and surprise yourself. Now is a good time to resolve any long-standing disputes as well as a good day for work.

VIRGO: Work objectives are very important to you at this time. Discipline may be where your concentration is focused. Maintain your spirit of enthusiasm-it will help you to stay on target with your goals. Your mind may feel as though it is on a racetrack. Activities are fast moving and insights easily appear.

LIBRA: A hobby you have perfected recently may be turning into a very profitable enterprise. Even if you have a day job, the hobby you have could be an attraction to others during your lunch break. You may find your time is spent in teaching or selling your creative works or invention.

SCORPIO: Something may help you discover a few good and new ways to go forward with a plan regarding your life situation. You may find yourself serving to guide someone younger than you in matters of importance. This is a vital day with lots of energy and action. You may feel focused and even a bit radiant.

SAGITTARIUS: Having figured out new ways to communicate will make interactions with strangers go fairly well. You may have been training to conduct new business. There is an opportunity to escort visitors to your company or school with the hopes of widening your scope of real estate or political opportunities. In turn you will introduce some interesting people to your favorite places around town.

CAPRICORN: Today you may decide to do some technical or scientific work that may have been previously neglected. This could include a hobby as well as subjects that are work related. Your imagination is in full swing-you are able to lighten everyone's spirit without even trying. You long for new experiences.

AQUARIUS: Now is the time to concentrate on practical matters. Your energy and optimism go together in helping you to grasp the overall picture. Do not forget, however, that the whole is made up of many parts. Each part must be considered and none can be missing or out of place.

PISCES: This is a good time to foster a sense of togetherness and team play during group work activity. Do not try to force a particular issue during this time. If you are depending on several different people or the upswing of the dollar to save some business project, you will not have long to wait. There are positive outcomes.


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