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Thursday, December 14, 2017

7th December 2017

Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:59
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ARIES: You move forward now in your profession and in your personal life. It may be time to look for that home or ask someone to marry you. You have always depended upon your friends, ideals and social involvement to bring you emotional sustenance and a feeling of security. Now you will be building your own firm foundation.

TAURUS: Mental practice should come easily to you, so put your mind to work and take care of any details you may have. Problems and obstacles should find some easy explanation under your keen examination. You should be feeling a close rapport with others just now and find the lines of communication wide open.

GEMINI: Things are definitely happening and your vocation or path will depend upon your own ambition and effort-which are strong now. Being in a position to use good commonsense helps you make the right moves. This is a time to get ahead by taking action. Let your intuition be your guide. You may realize just how much beauty you have in your life and in those around you.

CANCER: This is a super day to get things accomplished. Good hand and eye coordination and a concentrated effort make most tasks run well. You may feel like getting out-of-doors to enjoy the sunshine and lift your energy a little during the noon break. 

LEO: You may find yourself feeling more reserved lately, more like sharing some time with your lover or with close friends. Possibly this is not a time when you will feel like being very outgoing or wanting to present yourself to the world. Your feelings are more reflective than expressive just now. There is probably a lot on your mind.

VIRGO: It's not hard to see what you care about and value. Your sense of appreciation is sharpened and in high focus. You may be pleased to be asked to organize people and instruct or lead. You are careful with your words and you move others with enthusiasm. Whatever is needed in a rush and caused this request ends successfully.

LIBRA: Self-expression is at a high; you should find acceptance for your particular ideas and thoughts. You could be most convincing in your speech and communication. You are really beginning to notice the results of working on having better health. The result of this work is in the form of a good amount of energy to meet the requirements you set forth for yourself each day.

SCORPIO: Because of a very strong urge to feel good about yourself and the way that you get things done, you could be looking seriously at much improvement in your physical wellbeing. You will find yourself establishing a sound program for yourself. New methods of getting things in order and keeping them that way may be among your first goals.

SAGITTARIUS: A very strong need for nurturing is present in your life at this time. You may feel yourself getting wide-eyed over some pet in the pet store or a wounded bird. Use this tendency to volunteer your energy this holiday season toward helping others. Make a promise to yourself to follow through this year and really help. Mentally, you are very perceptive.

CAPRICORN: Being with and working with others is most pleasurable. Someone in charge of a special task could be seeking you out to take on important responsibilities in the workplace. This should be right up your alley-your directional abilities are in high focus. It is essential to your wellbeing that you come to grips with some things from your past.

AQUARIUS: You may find yourself in anything but an ambitious mood lately-almost unrealistic and dreamy and very much at odds with your more sensible duties. Friends and associates may have difficulty in going along with your dreamy side just now. You too may find that you are not really able to lose yourself in your imaginings.

PISCES: To get the necessary things accomplished, you will probably have to take the lead, particularly in a group situation. You could realize great support from those around you, or you may find that circumstances dictate your taking action. You should feel ready to conquer most any project at this time. Reflecting on your life situation should help you realize just how much you enjoy where you find yourself in life.


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