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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

6th December 2017

Wednesday, 06 December 2017 11:42
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ARIES: Aries will spend this day fairly selfishly. Instead of helping your fellow co-worker, you will be solving some minor issues related to the upgrade of your car or taking care of your appearance. At home you will refuse to support the project of one of your family members who will be just trying to turn the house into more cozy and elegant place.

TAURUS: Taurus representatives should not count on the help of their colleagues at work. Even those colleagues who you have rescued before from their troubles won't be that compassionate towards you. Do not be offended by their behavior, because on the verge of major staff reduction each of them will be immersed in gloomy thoughts about their own future.

GEMINI: Gemini will idealize someone on this day. It is possible that this idealized person will be your new partner (the person whose attention you have been seeking for quite some time). You will look at him/her through the prism of your passionate love, and these rose-colored glasses will not let you see the actual amount of flaws your sweetheart has

CANCER: Cancer representatives will turn into the most charming companions in any conversation. This day you will spend with a smile on your face, and you will want to give compliments to literally everyone. While you are so optimistic and so nice, you will spark some interest in your colleague from another department. But it will not be personal, but rather a business interest. 

LEO: Leos will tend to nurture their own emotional insecurities. This will be a fundamentally wrong approach, and instead of fighting with your shortcomings, you will be doing everything to make them bigger. You are the one to blame if you end up failing on delivering some important report or forgetting some words while speaking publicly. 

VIRGO: Today Virgos can enjoy a great success in the financial sector. You can quickly boost up your usual income due to a happy coincidence. This will make you incredibly happy, and you decide to properly celebrate such a joyful event. You will be able to afford even the most expensive restaurant in your city. 

LIBRA: On December 6, 2017 Libras will be able to eliminate the long-standing intra-family confrontation. You will forget about pride and take the first step towards reconciliation with a person who has greatly offended you in the past. He will be glad that you decided to forget about that unpleasant incident, and your communication will resume, as if nothing ever happened. 

SCORPIO: Today Scorpios will have to take on additional duties at work. You will bravely hope that by substituting a temporarily absent colleague, you will prove to your management that you should be given this position. Alas, this ambitious plan will not justify itself. The management will really appreciate your work potential, while still giving a clear hint that your transfer to a new position will not take place. 

SAGITTARIUS: On December 6 Sagittarius representatives will be unreasonably optimistic. During working hours, you will fail completely in doing your work, giving priority to something more easy and interesting (for example, Internet correspondence). When the working day is almost over, you will suddenly remember about the important assignment received from the upper management.

CAPRICORN: Capricorns will engage in self-education. After work, you will attend a training session dedicated to personal development, or become a participant in a webinar. Anyway, the time will pass with great benefit to you, and you will decide to repeat such an event in the upcoming days. In addition, you will try to convince your significant other that this activity will be very useful one.

AQUARIUS: Aquarius representatives should avoid overly intense intellectual activity. It is better for you to engage in physical activities. If your family is going to participate in the sports quiz, there are all chances that you will become winners. The day will be rich for events, and it is good to have a massage or apply any other method of relaxation in order to get rid of all the fatigue. 

PISCES: Today Pisces will not be satisfied with the situation in their family finances. You will understand that you will not have enough money to celebrate the New Year in the way that you would like to celebrate it. You will have only one exit option: to go into a saving mode.

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