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Thursday, December 14, 2017

20th November 2017

Monday, 20 November 2017 11:10
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ARIES: A friend may confide in you this day and you may find yourself tossing the information around in your head most of the day. Think about this-perhaps this person confided in you because he or she needs a listening ear, not necessarily for feedback. You will be able to help-patience. Follow your heart.

TAURUS: Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings-marriage and other partnerships could be a key arena for your activities. You may be able to bring the family or perhaps a group of your friends together to enjoy a play, a musical or an art exhibit. Achievement in poetry and art may be possible now.

GEMINI: There is time this morning to complete unfinished business, organize your desk and place a few plants around your work space. Make room for an extra sweater and some rain gear . . . Just in case. This afternoon you may be asked to lead a group in some project where a conservative mind is an important factor.

CANCER: This is a good time for clear deliberation and problem solving. This is a vital day in which much energy and action is utilized. You could find yourself able to really communicate and get your ideas across to others. You are in a serious frame of mind and may find yourself dealing with matters of much concern and responsibility.

LEO: You may find your attention drawn to subjects like law, politics, education, travel and religion. These are certainly some of the areas in which an emotionally charged drama will be played. Perhaps this is a better time to think and study-you have a real appreciation for ideas.

VIRGO: Hectic emotional energy, especially this morning, slows you from that long-desired camping trip or out-of-town visit with friends. Patience wins out and you will be on your way soon. Fun and adventure are on the schedule this day. Take a chance on something exciting, creative and fun.

LIBRA: The home and family scene are likely to be in a state of change now-this may mean moving, an addition to the family, or such. High-tech equipment impinges on the domestic environment somehow. An eccentric relative attracts some notice.

SCORPIO: At heart, you have a deep sense of responsibility and purpose and this seriousness is genuine and felt by others. Your inner resources and emotions are accented. A group discussion may find you stepping in to lend a focus. Expect a sense of support and goodwill from those around you.

SAGITTARIUS: You may feel more reflective rather than expressive this morning. A new project is looming before you and a time limit may be involved. You might want to discuss the preliminaries with the most available supervisor. Pulling in a temporary helper may be of some importance.

CAPRICORN: Family and security are things that rattle your chain more than ever now. These are areas where you make new beginnings and bold moves-things you are willing to fight for . . . Things in which it pays to be careful. Unconventional hobbies and other forms of self-expression may be enjoyed today.

AQUARIUS: Your love of truth makes philosophy and religious ideas lifelong habits. You appreciate things of a global or universal level and travel or studies of foreign lands could be a part of this interest. You may enjoy the company of friends this afternoon.

PISCES: An outgoing and very expressive cycle of experience has begun for you at this time. Now more than ever, you want to be admired and appreciated by others, to do and create things that stir their hearts. This is child's play; this is romance; this is taking a chance.


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