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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

19th November 2017

Sunday, 19 November 2017 11:47
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ARIES: You are feeling on top of the world and can do no wrong. Use this energy to accomplish tasks that you would not normally do at this time. A positive attitude benefits you greatly. Demonstrate the magic. Let optimism lead you to a happy ending in whatever you may be involved with today.

TAURUS: Harmonious ties to others are what you yearn for; refinement and elegance are what you seek. The ideal partnership, the perfect balance, the highest standards of truth and beauty are some of the things that quicken your pulse. A co-worker may be much more agreeable this next week than in the past.

GEMINI: You may feel restricted in some of your activities this day. It may be hard to organize or persevere. Do not force things. Be patient and let the chaos dissolve. Perhaps this is not the time to try to solve any serious problems or make important decisions. It could be hard to think.

CANCER: This is a great time to be with others and to work on a group project. You may be sought after as just the person to lead or organize. You are in a fun frame of mind but you can deal with matters of much concern and responsibility. If you are searching for a lost object, today you will find that object.

LEO: You may find yourself working on a budget for your place of business as well as a personal budget. Budgeting is where your attention stays and planning for some sort of travel or a special gift may take just that-budgeting. You are a solid supporter of those you love and will get behind any worthy cause.

VIRGO: Emotional seriousness and a sober awareness of time are keynotes to your day. Some unfinished projects or some desired ability that you have been wanting to experience has lingered long enough. You may find yourself looking at continuing education classes in hopes of learning more about something you may want to accomplish-this could be piano, voice, computer knowledge or perhaps art.

LIBRA: A drive to investigate and learn may find you examining and working through some problems that have lingered far too long on the home front. However, push too hard and you could be too dominating. You gain understanding and a sense of support from those around you. In return, you offer support and understanding.

SCORPIO: Work, achievement and ambition are a definite drive these days. This day, however, is a good time to take care of some personal business you have previously put to one side. You prepare for the next working week and mail letters, as well as update the checkbook. Obligations come to your attention.

SAGITTARIUS: You are at your mental best today. This is an excellent time to make decisions and take care of whatever needs your attention. Work, health, diet and the other things that take care of us if we take care of them will be the topics of discussion among friends and family today. Self-achievement and competition concerning these subjects will help encourage successful results for yourself and others.

CAPRICORN: You will find it easy to pour a lot of energy into helping those around you; perhaps you are in a volunteer situation. You may be called upon to smooth over the frustrations of a disgruntled loved one this morning. Patient sacrifice of your time is called for and teaches much.

AQUARIUS: You might like to ignore responsibilities and do some socializing today, but priorities or weather may demand that you tend to business close to home. Set aside some time for yourself this next week and make it known to others that you need some rest and relaxation time as well.

PISCES: You may find yourself in an unrealistic and dreamy mood today. It may take extra effort-yours or someone else's-to hold your attention just now. You may find yourself feeling blocked and unable to express yourself. This will pass and the job for now is realizing that it is not a time to be productive.


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