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Monday, January 22, 2018

12th November 2017

Sunday, 12 November 2017 13:11
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ARIES: You may be feeling held back today, as if someone is trying to put out your fires, encouraging you to be sensible when you want to rush ahead without caring about the risks. Don't ignore them, but don't give into them either. Keep your energy focused on one or two priorities and don't take risks just for the sake of it. 

TAURUS: Today is a good day to focus on a creative project, especially if you enjoy crafts or similar hobbies. It's a quiet day, when you can make good progress on anything which demands attention to detail and lots of focus. Is likely that you enjoy making something from nothing, and feel fulfilled by creating something that is both beautiful and useful. 

GEMINI: You are likely to be focused on domestic issues today, and may feel frustrated by the mundane tasks which demand your attention. Try to focus on getting them done, rather than letting yourself get distracted as you often do. You will gain a sense of satisfaction at having completed them, as well as a sense of security and connection to your home. 

CANCER: Today is a good day for quiet, detailed work such as writing or planning a project. You may feel pulled between staying in your comfort zone and trying something new. Your urge to nurture others may be expressed as helping them to study or talk through their problems today, and you are likely to have some practical advice which will help them. 

LEO: You may be considering your work today, wondering whether to stay with a secure option or whether to try something risky but more rewarding. It's a good day to take steps towards a more rewarding vocation, but don't rush into anything. Gather all the information you need and make sure you have a detailed plan to follow. 

VIRGO: You are able to find a happy balance today between working hard at your familiar routine, and planning for something new and exciting which might take you out of your comfort zone. It's not in your nature to rush into anything, so enjoy the process of planning. It's likely that you are happier when you feel organized and in control. 

LIBRA: Today is a day for serving others, and for asserting your opinions and helping others to assert theirs. Whilst you may be working in the background, you are able to stand up for the rights of those whose rights are often ignored, working quietly in aid of social justice and peace. Balance your energies and don't let yourself get overwhelmed. 

SCORPIO: You may be spending today with friends or in a group environment, and may not feel entirely comfortable about it. You are good at seeing beneath the surface to what is really going on, so you'll know straight away if someone is not what they seem. Take the time to be sure before you confront anyone. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your work may feel challenging today, with delays or restrictions holding you back. However they may turn out to be blessings in disguise, as they give you a chance to showcase your problem-solving skills and your creative, even visionary, thinking. Find a balance between honoring the structure you are working in, and creaking out to do your own thing. 

CAPRICORN: Your beliefs may be challenged today, and you could find that your philosophy of life is being tested. You are compelled to look within and work out what you truly believe, and consider how to implement those values whilst maintaining the security which is so important to you. Whilst this can be hard work, in the long run it can help you to feel more fulfilled. 

AQUARIUS: You may be focusing on a close relationship today, perhaps feeling held back or like you are unable to pursue your dreams. Take some time to consider why you are feeling insecure, and whether you are being true to yourself. Compromise may be necessary, but it's worth putting the effort in as it will strengthen your relationship. 

PISCES: You are likely to be enjoying some time with your loved ones today, enjoying the feelings of affection you share. The moon in your opposite sign of Virgo may encourage you to take a more practical approach than usual, so it's a good day for solidifying your commitment to each other by connecting your material resources more deeply. 


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