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Saturday, January 20, 2018

7th October 2017

Saturday, 07 October 2017 12:30
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ARIES: There is a feeling that time is slipping away before you even get up this morning. There may not be enough hours in the day to accomplish all you want to do. Be fair to yourself and make a list with the most important chores at the top of the list.

TAURUS: Your attention is drawn to lovers, children and other people or things dear to your heart. Being appreciated and admired for the way you share and give of yourself is a powerful need and you enjoy returning the same appreciation to others.

GEMINI: You will prosper through new insights, inventions and an independent point of view. Meditation and planning can only be productive if you write down your ideas, let them develop and begin to plan. Perhaps you have an art you would like to display.

CANCER: Sometimes you enjoy the feeling that anything is possible. Many days, like this one, encourage productive efforts, and you busy yourself unintentionally impressing the people around you. Through your work you encourage others to rise above the demands of the day and achieve your reach.

LEO: Memories come to the forefront of your mind as you work through some of your chores today. An old picture album or some school autograph book may come to your attention. You may be preparing your place for company or for the possibility of providing a place to freshen up before a reunion or a special social event.

VIRGO: You will be pleased at the progress you have made today-just take a look! This is a gratifying day. This may mean an art project or perhaps you are refurbishing the old family homestead. Support and praise should be coming, not only from family but also from neighbors and the general public as well.

LIBRA: Be open to those around you-listen to their words. Someone could challenge you on a very sensitive issue but this is the opportunity you have been waiting for as it gives you the opening to try out some new communication techniques. You have some insights that will help others as well as yourself today.

SCORPIO: Like wheat or grass blowing and bending in the wind, you can and will create ways to make projects and circumstances bend to your will; things have a way of working out smoothly. Here is a real opportunity to complete any personal projects and work out difficulties.

SAGITTARIUS: There is a loan in the works today, whether it is for you or you see fit to loan money to another person, make sure an iou is dated and signed. In choosing whether to take or to give this loan, you consider the person and his or her past. You might admit or advise that rainy days and celebrations are good reasons to begin a savings account.

CAPRICORN: Professional advice this saturday is advised. Financial savvy and a practical turn of mind are qualities that take on greater importance now. This could be a real-estate situation or an auction of some sort. You are a wheeler-dealer and seem to have a knack for knowing when to purchase the best buys.

AQUARIUS: Beginning a diet is favored. Also on the list of things to do are the holiday list-making opportunities. Now is a great time to shop and find just the right thing for the right person on your list. It is also a good time to stock up on the canned goods that you won't have to purchase all at one time when those special dates approach.

PISCES: A desire for the stimulation of new ideas and ideals is emphasized now. You may appear very at-ease today. Everything seems to be working together; you may find yourself expressive and outgoing. New friends and an involvement in fun activities make you hopeful that you can meet again.


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