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Monday, January 22, 2018

27th August 2017

Sunday, 27 August 2017 11:54
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ARIES: Strength goes a long way here. You might feel more focused than ever to travel to your life's purpose. You have a lot of thoughts in your own mind at this time. All things are feasible for you, it's just a matter of practice here, and asking for advice from a trusted friend. 

TAURUS: There are many pivotal changes and transitions going on. You might consider joining an organization or activity that helps further you along your goals. You might have the need to save everyone and everything at this time. You can only really help yourself and lead by example! 

GEMINI: You are sorting something else that has been long needed, and possibly overdue for your own life. Your career might be shedding its skin, and moving forward into another realm. You might feel like the master of your own design at this time. 

CANCER: You are processing everything today! There is a great deal of self-reflection. The Sun and Moon are in alignment with your own personal needs. You might have to ask for what you want from the Universe. Remember - "Ask and it is given!" 

LEO: Still have all that fated energy working with your sign. This is a lifetime of change going on all at once. Mars is really working with you at this time to take action and pounce. You are here for a great purpose!

VIRGO: Speak softly and easy with those you love. Self-criticism might be your worst nightmare at this time, and it might be clouding your own judgement. Nothing can be perfect, and nothing will be. It's about taking the proper steps towards self-care and forgiveness. 

LIBRA: Moment to moment you might feel the energy and emotions of the world change and expand. You have an added confidence and power to your own sign. If you are thinking of taking on a role of authority this is a great time to do so! 

SCORPIO: You might need to think about something for a greater part of the day. Any offers that enter your life at this time might have some real need for reevaluation. You never know where you will be headed in the long-run. There is a real feeling of change here. 

SAGITTARIUS: Romance and dating are all possibilities today. Set aside time for loved ones, partners, and anyone that catches your eye. You might be truly in a great space for a steady partnership at this time. Let love in! 

CAPRICORN: There is a nice growth cycle here with the Sun in Virgo. This is quite harmonious for you to improve upon something you had to table for a while. Focus on your own personal health, beauty, and self-nourishing routines. That is the best for your sign! Especially joint and muscle health! 

AQUARIUS: There is a source of power here packed with a punch. You might have a block in one part of your life, and a great inspirational draw to another completely different yet mind altering experience. Enjoy this! Expression is your best friend at this time! 

PISCES: Having a little fun in the fantasy world never hurt anyone, and quite frankly you might need a little pick-me-up time and again. You might be on your own self-made journey that is completely undefinable. You created this, step back and see your kingdom! 


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