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Monday, January 22, 2018

23rd August 2017

Wednesday, 23 August 2017 11:35
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ARIES: Prepare for a quest today as your sign moves forward from a steady and practical realization. You have so much you've learned and so much more to learn. Appreciation and graciousness are a great start here. What do they really mean to you? 

TAURUS: Steadiness wins the race for sure. Even if it seems like others are light-years ahead. You've always taken life from a patient and practical approach, and that is truly getting you the recognition you deserve. This is a seeding day for you when it comes to communication and projects. 

GEMINI: Move forward with a plan. This is a day to look forward and only observe what was of your past. You've gained a great deal of knowledge over the last few days, and now it's all making sense. Like a puzzle, you've got many of the pieces in your hands. 

CANCER: You might have an unexpected matter of the heart come into your life, or separate from you at this time. It's a heart's journey you've been on for some time in a square to Uranus. You can either accept this or completely disregard it. It's up to you! 

LEO: You might inspire millions at this time! Your heart is still open to all of the possibilities going forward. New people or circumstances might enter your life on a transformative level. You appreciate and are quite gracious to those around you. Embrace the creativity. 

VIRGO: YYou are on a practical level today. You have a lot of people agreeing with your tastes and likes. You might be in service to someone's emotional needs today. Your giant heart is constantly growing with the more people you meet. Inspire someone to inspire you! 

LIBRA: This is a great day to wash the pain away! Bodywork or self-care! Just pamper yourself in a gentle way! Kindness and compassion needs to be turned inward. You might even work on an independent creative project at this time. 

SCORPIO: Love and romance are on your side, for once! It might have been a rough road these last few weeks, but things are looking up! Your sign goes the hammers of life hitting you pretty hard, and there is a little reprieve here to help guide you along. You can reach out to someone special today! 

SAGITTARIUS: Creativity is still vastly opening you up to new possibilities at this time. Take into account your spiritual development as well. A partner whether romantic or spiritual might be encouraging you to open up to new ideas. They are here for a reason! 

CAPRICORN: You might feel extremely intuitive or psychic at this time. You might feel a little locked into a situation, or know exactly what you want to do with your own outlook on life. You have a newly formed "thing" going on at this time. You might be in the process of making a dream truly real for yourself. 

AQUARIUS: You might have to expect the unexpected at this time. Things might get a little bit slippery or tangled in your own boundaries right now. If you or someone you know is overstepping this might require careful communication. 

PISCES: Your community is vastly important to you. Give over some respect to someone who truly earned it. This is not an easy ride, but no giving up. There is a sacrifice that might have to be made at this time. 


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