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Monday, January 22, 2018

20th August 2017

Sunday, 20 August 2017 11:32
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ARIES: You might be in the thick of a great discovery for yourself. You might have exciting connections entering your own life at this time. This is a great chance-of-a-lifetime type energy going on for you. Embrace the challenge or change. Accept abundance.

TAURUS: You might have to put a major thing into practice at this time. This is an intense energy working in a challenge position with your own sign. You have the choice to go forward and appreciate the lesson.

GEMINI: You have to allow your heart to grow. No holding back or joking around about it. You might be caught up in a situation that you were not expecting, or accepting a great journey. Do not just talk to hear your own voice. Listen well! Take orders today. Accept this! 

CANCER: You are in your continued discovery phase. Find the links and the patterns that guide you. You might be dealing with some form of loss at this time. It could just be an aspect of yourself you need to change. 

LEO: Appreciate that heart and your strong intuition at this time. You might feel like the Universe is speaking through you today. A great boost in energy, and intensity. This will last over the next 48 hours or so. Go with the process.

VIRGO: You might find yourself in a situation you cannot leave, or need help with something greatly. You might feel a bit out of control at this moment, or need to embark on a new journey ahead. This is moving you to higher ground.

LIBRA: Embrace the space! That is all you need to get you through. The space in your heart, the space in your mind, the space that brings you forward in time! Embrace it all with your steady grasp, and see yourself in-between your past. It is the gaps you find between the lines, and that you follow with no demise.

SCORPIO: There is a pain and a complexity with the energy today. It might not be through you completely, but you feel it. A social obligation or contract. A lot of questions, and may no simple solutions. There is pride in your heart, and it is knowing you were right about something.

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace the heart of the lion, even if you have the soul of a centaur! You have to grasp this courage here. You have a lot of people counting on you. You are a force, a warrior, and a lover. Complexity never kept you away from a challenge.

CAPRICORN: Focus is here for you to see through your own fears. You are capable of anything. You are your worst enemy at times, and there is no longer place for that. You have a soulmate desire here, and you truly can have that in your own life. 

AQUARIUS: Someone loves you beyond words. They saw you from afar, and they knew that is their one. You might have a partner in your life that completes your heart. Help their soul along this path as well. Keep them in your mind and thoughts. You go along this road together. For those single, this might be the other side of your personality.

PISCES: You might serve as a main protector to someone right now. You might not even realize the depths of how much you care. You might go along for a journey, or go forward with a plan. Action is key here. You might be on the brink of self-discovery. Who knew you would get this far. 

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