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Saturday, January 20, 2018

12th August 2017

Saturday, 12 August 2017 11:47
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ARIES: Do you transform to create or create to transform? Are you connected to a source that is higher than you, yet you have no idea what this is? It is alright if things are not definable at this time, the key is to appreciate the present and know there is a strength to you that will allow you to achieve any goal at this time.

TAURUS: You might be in a romantic affair at this time, or having several romantic prospects right now. It's a possibly a confusing time for your sign. You might have parenthood on your mind, or some nurturing aspect nagging at your own individual needs.

GEMINI: A great day for communication and self-expression. Let your imagination soar and take you to the greatest heights. The Moon and Sun are in a very harmonious position with your sign today!

CANCER: You might feel a bit pressured today, this is alright. Your sign is under a bit of stress from many different planets at once! You might have to take this time to recharge and reassess your own priorities. You are a skilled leader in many ways!

LEO: You are still in the midst of such a great transition in your own life, you might as well try it all! You are the star of the show at this time, be as humble about it as you can. You have a lot to gain here for your future! 

VIRGO: Use your intuition when it comes to anything today. You have a dreamier side to you that other might not typically see. Get in touch with what truly inspires your soul. Appreciate art and culture, and the little things in life that bring a smile to your face.

LIBRA: A harmonious day for your sign. This is a great time to push your mind to the very limit. Express, expand, and grow. You're in a great position to come to an understanding today, or resolve a conflict. You might feel locked down to something, but all in all, this is a great growth cycle. 

SCORPIO: You might be a bit apprehensive to make a plan or decision. If someone in your life is leading a task, let yourself follow a plan all the way through. You are in an action-packed day, and you might feel at the mercy of someone else at this time.

SAGITTARIUS: The day is full of possibility here for your sign. You might be moving so fast there is not much time to think about things. Your social events calendar is through the roof, and you have so much to do at once you might have double-booked or triple-booked yourself.

CAPRICORN: You are in a really difficult position at mid-day, but things are looking up. You might have an argument or a difference of opinions around that time. Is someone or something is pushing you to move faster than you are prepared to go? 

AQUARIUS: You've got a lot on your mind, all at once. You might not know where to open yourself to or where to even begin here. You might feel a bit lost in the shuffle at this time, or have other major life changes affecting your generally good nature.

PISCES: You might feel a bit left out today, or it might be voluntary. This is all dependent upon what you feel for your own self. You have a need for great responsibility, but you know you must truly be respected as well!


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