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Saturday, January 20, 2018

29th July 2017

Saturday, 29 July 2017 10:57
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ARIES: Your home environment, friends and surroundings in general may become more enjoyable now. There is encouragement in personal matters. Your work or career is in real harmony with the rest of your life. There is a tendency to be too strict with yourself however, to insist that whatever does not contribute to security and other long-term goals is trivial.

TAURUS: This is a time of great mental activity and heightened communication with others. Intellectualism, the exchange of ideas and the idea of being smart as a fox are the things that have special appeal and importance. You are full of wit and sharp insights. This could be a time for real breakthroughs in the idea department. You are in top form when it comes to mental activity.

GEMINI: There are several opportunities for in-depth discussions and probing conversations. Others will find you at your mental best today. This may mean a competition of some sort. Sports or educational competition is the stimulation you need from time to time. Time flies! Your perceptive abilities are at a peak as well. This day seems to accent your own ideas and expectations.

CANCER: Gut level is the way you think, speak and perceive in the cycle you have just begun. You are not interested in the superficial; instead, you want to get right to the root of things. You do not care about the universal, only about how things impact you and yours. Your intellect and emotions are mixed to the point of inseparability.

LEO: Someone around you is continuing his or her education and someone else is getting a coveted job–another friend or relative is going into his or her own business. You catch the bug and have a yearning to broaden horizons. You have always wanted to sing or paint or create the best website–now could be the time.

VIRGO: You work well with those in authority who are original. You could find yourself engaged in nonconformist causes–always ready to promote what is new. You have a high degree of motivation when it comes to giving and to personal sacrifice. You like radical approaches and find yourself in support of product breakthrough. 

LIBRA: You are powerfully motivated, even driven, and tend to be impulsive. You are seldom very reflective when it comes to doing something–you just move forward with the idea and get things accomplished. You could be more tempted to act first and ask questions later. You have blind courage and sheer guts. 

SCORPIO: Real insight into your own inner workings or psychology could surface this day, and in a manageable form. You may be in the mood for deep and penetrating conversations. You are a good family member, always thinking and caring for others. You are naturally service-oriented and enjoy taking care of the needs of others.

SAGITTARIUS: Obtaining and exchanging information is important to you. This could mean that you will be putting the finishing touches on family vacation plans or some other travel plans. There is a lot of physical energy available now. You and your family may decide to attend some social affair before your vacation begins.

CAPRICORN: You may find that your ideas and thoughts are similar to those of the people around you, which may mean you are attending an art fair or some other event where everyone has the same thing in common. Fun conversations are easy to find but you may want to be stimulated by something unusual and separate from your regular routine. 

AQUARIUS: You are at your most practical when it comes to dealing and working with others. You know just what to do and can act without any frustration. You are called on to make use of your natural abilities. Yes, this means you could be called on to work today. After spending a little time in the office you may look for ways to relax.

PISCES: You expect perfection and you have a difficult time with your work when the results are not what you would like to achieve. You never give up and eventually you are pleased with the extra time you have contributed to the end result. Relaxing this afternoon you use your vivid imagination to experiment with some color on a wall that needs painting. 

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