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PAC accused of giving misinformation on price fall


Potato retailing at Rs 20 per kilo in Dimapur market

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 19: The Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur (NCD) has been accused of giving out misinformation about fall in prices of potatoes in the market following its volunteers stopping illegal collections of money at check gates.
The PAC had claimed that prices of potatoes in the wholesale market in Dimapur have fallen from Rs 20 to Rs 10 (a 100% fall) a kilo after they stopped illegal cash collection at check gates by Government departments, underground groups and unions/association, but when Nagaland Page reporters visited market places in Dimapur on Wednesday potato was retailing at Rs 20 per kilo.
Talking to Nagaland Page, vegetable vendors accused the PAC of giving out misleading information to the public by claiming that prices of potato has dropped to Rs 10 in the wholesale market without verifying the same in the market.
According to vegetable vendors, potato wholesalers are selling potato at Rs 14 per kilo and not Rs 10 as claimed by the PAC.
A Naga gentleman purchasing potatoes and other vegetable items in a market slammed the PAC for giving out false information. “Is the PAC and the DMC trying to befool the general public by publicly announcing that the prices of many products have lowered after their campaign to stop illegal taxations in the check gates? It is like taking the Nagas for a ride”.
“The price of potatoes remains the same, it is still Rs 20 and I had purchased 4 kilos of potatoes for Rs 80,” he said. He also had a heated exchange with the vendor for selling him potatoes at Rs 20 per kg.
Another middle aged lady who came to purchase potatoes from the same vendor angrily shouted at the vegetable vendor in Nagamese for fooling the Naga people when the price has fallen down as per news reports.
The chastised vendor tried to explain to the lady that he purchased potatoes from the whole sellers at Rs 14 per kg and after paying “this and that tax” everyone is selling it at Rs 20 per kg.
The vendor told Nagaland Page that since morning he and many vendors are facing undue harassments from customers over the price of vegetables. He admitted that it is not the customers’ fault, since they were fed wrong information “but we are facing the brunt for it.”
Another non Naga elderly person working in a private sector had a heated debate with a vegetable vendor who was charging the usual Rs 20 per kg on potatoes. “I came to New Market and thought of buying more than 10 kilos of potatoes for my weekly consumption at home after reading in the newspapers that the price has fallen to Rs 10 per kg but it remains the same.”
The vendor’s repeated plea that he purchased potatoes from the wholesalers at Rs 14 per kg and selling at Rs 20/kg has had no affect on the customer. He revealed that since morning many customers have been issuing warnings to him and other vendors for the same.
“In New Market no vendors will be able to sell potatoes at the PAC mentioned rate of Rs 10,” he claimed.
Another vendor was heard yelling at a non-Naga customer for troubling him on the price of potato. “Let those people claiming it at Rs 10 sell it first,” he was heard saying.
(Page News Service)