NUSU, KC clarifies on incident with DHE

Dimapur, October 16: Nagaland University Students Union, Kohima Campus has stated that the incident between the Directorate and the University was supposed to be a peaceful march towards the Directorate to clarify on issues regarding scholarship.
Clarifying on why the NUSU officials refused to comment on the outcome, NUSU stated that it was decided after the meeting on Monday that both parties would not to release any comments on the outcome as it would cause misunderstandings since the Directorate claimed that they did not receive scholarship forms from NU except for the Department of English while the University had already submitted it last year.
However, the union expressed discontentment over the comment of an official from the Directorate in an interaction with the press stating that the University had not submitted.
As decided on Monday, the officials of NUSU along with the dealing assistant from the University held a meeting with the Directorate on Tuesday and found that the University has indeed submitted the documents of all departments as it has been claiming.
It said the University had even submitted the proof in the form of CD’s while submitting the forms.
The Union held it true that it was indeed a mistake on the part of the University for not submitting the PMS and Merit scholarship list separately.
However the Union wished that if such was the case, it was advisable for the directorate to check the list before accepting it while the submission was done.
The official from the Directorate admitted their fault in claiming that the university had not submitted the documents and caused the misunderstanding and issued a written assurance that the Department would look into the matter and not deprive the deserving students of their scholarship.
(Page News Service)