NSF to commemorate 100 years of Naga Club

Dimapur, October 22: The Naga Students’ Federation today reiterated its earlier resolution to commemorate 100 years of Naga Club. In its 2nd Presidential Council meeting held today at NSF office, Naga Club Building, Kohima, the NSF appealed to all the students, youths and Nagas to join to celebrate on October 21 at Naga Solidarity Park and participated in the scheduled commemoration.
The NSF said that the formation of Naga Club was epoch-making for the Nagas to realization of identity and to social and political consciousness and it has started the Naga Journey of collectively responding to the changes of time and envisioning a shared future.
The NSF feels the Naga people should celebrate this glorious legacy and take time to retrospect and introspect and thus find inspirations to continue our journey with renewed vigor towards.
With the celebrating of 100 year of Naga Club, NSF by no means claim ownership of the Naga Club but to celebrate the legacy as our theme stands, “Celebrating the Legacy”, a press release issued by NSF general secretary stated. (Page News Service)