NBCC launches ‘Kingdom Surge’ movement

kingdom surge

KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 13: The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC), with over 1648 churches under it has formally, launched a movement by the name of “Kingdom Surge” at NBCC office, Bayavu, Kohima on November 13.

NBCC President, Atsi Dolie advised the gathering of youth leaders from various churches affiliated with the NBCC to bring about a behavioural change to the workplace. He urged the youth leaders to be the ones to bring about change in one’s dealings in life.
“Be the one to speak the truth even though others don’t appreciate it,” he added.
Positing that Nagas are living in a perplexing era, an age where post-truth objective facts have become synonymous to individual emotions, an age of relativism where there is no ultimate truth, and hence no moral authority in Nagaland, Dolie said that NBCC don’t require a multitude of people for the movement.
“It will grow eventually if the heart is true and we follow it truthfully,” he said.
Kingdom Surge is a movement launched with a vision to mobilise the youth of Nagaland, equip them in Kingdom values and proclaim the kingdom of God in all spheres of life, stated Meripeni Zares, Convenor of Kingdom Surge Programme Committee.
She said that the movement is being launched with the aim to guide the youth in the discipline of the Biblical teaching of the Kingdom of God. “Through this movement, we hope to have youths operating in Kingdom standards and to have Youth commissioned for redemptive Kingdom purposes.”
She said that Kingdom Surge was launched by NBCC with the view that Nagas have become amoral. She further stated that without a firm grip of kingdom values, Nagas are yielding to secular worldview and ideologies.
“Society’s popular standards that go against Biblical truths are being normalised. Materialism, greed for power and money have never being this rampant. As a result there is moral, physical and spiritual corruption in many areas of our society,” she added.
She further stated that in such a context where Biblical truth has become the first casualties of relativism, “our faith to hold His teachings”, and “to be free” is persistently challenged.

“And so, there is an urgent need for Christians today to understand and live our true Biblical values and principles,” she said.
Earlier during the programme, the General Secretary of NBCC reminded the gathering that it represents 2.5 lakh young people under the NBCC.
The NBCC has also recognised the importance of various video streaming platforms and it plans to make the best use of it along the journey of the movement, he added.
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