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Nagaland Govt. should create more districts: RPP

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DIMAPUR, JANUARY 12: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has contended that as per the reasoning of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Government in Nagaland, it should create 4 more districts immediately.
“Niuland District was created based on the premise that such was necessary to better manage our State’s border with Assam. On the strength of the same argument, the UDA coalition should immediately announce the creation of Bhandari District in Wokha and Mangkolemba District in Mokokchung, all of which are contiguous with the same Disputed Area Belt (DAB)”, it stated in a press release issued on Wednesday.
Similarly, if Chümoukedima District was created on grounds of administrative convenience and developmental issue, the Party stated, Aboi and Tobu Sub-Divisions in Mon District have greater claim to districts than Chümoukedima.
“For instance, since Statehood in 1963, no Central projects have been implemented/or are implementable in these two Sub-Divisions because of their great distance from Mon District headquarters”, it stated.
Thus “going by the UDA’s own reasoning”, the demand for creation of new districts by bifurcating Mon, Mokokchung, and Wokha is “justifiable and apt”, it maintained.
“Therefore to deny the creation of Aboi, Tobu, Mangkolemba and Bhandari Districts would be illogical and discriminatory, and the NDPP, BJP and NPF coalition will further lose all shred of credibility”, it stated.
The Party further demanded that the “genuine aspiration” of the Yimkhiung people to have their own District be fulfilled without delay.
“All the districts in our State have been created along tribal lines. Whether desirable or not, this is a fact and this is the criteria under which the Yimkhiungs are demanding one as well. The Yimkhiungs have historical precedence on their side but the delay tactics of the UDA coalition – NDPP, BJP and NPF – in announcing the formation of a Yimkhiung district does not make any sense at all. The UDA coalition is only contributing to vitiating the peaceful atmosphere in the State”, it stated.
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