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Nagaland CM inaugurates world’s first digital acute care hospital at CIHSR

rio acute centre

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 12: Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio today said that the Government wanted to run the Referral Hospital but they lacked resources and had limitation, so they opted for a public and private partnership with CMC Vellore and Immanuel Hospitals.
Inaugurating the world’s first Acute Care Hospital, built within a span of 5 months/100 days at CIHSR, Dimapur, the Chief Minister said, “the Government wanted to run the hospital but they lacked resources and had limitations, so they looked for a partnership and persuaded CMC Vellore and Immanuel hospitals, the best expertise managing the hospital and having a name in the country. They opted to have a public and private partnership with the state.”

He said, “As mentioned, we are one of the remote States, one of the most backward State, a tribal, a minority and we have all the ingredients of bad names but I believe we will overcome all those things. I used to tell my people and leaders daily that we are not poor, we are not backward but we remain backward and poor though we are rich because of the unresolved Naga political issue. All our systems and potentials are hampered; our minerals, resources, human resources and potentials are not exploited.”
He said that CIHSR are doing a commendable job besides the Government hospitals, all these years they have been taking care of particularly old people because their service is good and their fees are not at all high, very reasonable and cost about 1/3rd of others fees and that is how they have attracted a lot of patients, not only from our State but also from our neighbouring States particularly upper Assam.
He said the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a global crisis and challenges across the world, the immediate impact which everyone had seen, even the most advanced countries were not prepared, it was not enough to handle the pandemic situation.
“Even in our country, we faced a huge crisis, till today we have not found any medicine which can cure so have to be prepared for future also”, he added.
He said, “We are in partnership with the society and a board, which the Government is controlling, therefore we should know that they have come to rescue and save us in partnership and to give healthcare services to our needy sick people, and we should not think that we are giving it away”, adding, “We are aware that we have financial crisis and to come up with Rs 300 crores to set up another 200-bed hospital is a big question and people have the right to question also, but those criticisms only made us stronger, and determination to do everything right.”

The Chief Minister disclosed that they checked the facilities in other Government hospitals and then decided that it should be set up at CIHSR because they have the land and they have come forward that they will provide doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and they have the facilities for nursing college and other paramedical units which will not cost Government.
He hoped that that Acute Care Hospital will come to good use for the people of the State towards sick and families.
Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Pangnyu Phom said that Government of Nagland walked the COVID pandemic with commendable and appreciable support from all sections of the society and with all available resources.
He said the Department of Health & Family Welfare has gone an extra mile with its doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and others working at the frontline tirelessly all through these tough times and sparing little time for one’s own family and loved ones.
Despite undue criticism from certain sections and other obstacles, the Department and all involved have done a commendable service in fight against COVID-19 till date, he said adding, these are our real heroes and brave-hearts to who we should pay our most earnest respect.
As Minister in-charge of Health & Family Welfare, Pangnyu said the COVID-19 pandemic was an eye opener for many countries and States of the country to restructure the medical system and to build health centres with well-equipped facilities to cater to the needs of the people in the best possible way in fight against COVID-19 and for post COVID.

He said he had personally travelled across the State to review and inspect the District Hospitals and Various Health Care Units and added the Department has undertaken all steps to ensure that best possible care is delivered to the people.
He said they are fortunate to have a 200-bed Acute Care Hospital which is a pre-engineered hospital (Modular Steel & Glass building) at CIHSR, Dimapur, which will help to manage the current pandemic and also act as an acute care hospital post pandemic.
The Acute Care Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facility from diagnostics to treatment.. The hospital building will be a permanent structure with only ICU/HDU beds with ventilators, Bipaps, HFNC, Oxygen, etc. and would be the apex level facility for acute care even post pandemic, he said and appreciated the Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Limited, Kolkata, for making this project a reality for all
He disclosed that the Revised Approval for NCDC worth 12.00 crores have been sanctioned by GOI, which is another achievement for PDA Government and the State in general.
He assured that the State is making best use of all the support and resources available and with the cooperation of all sections of the State including the private sector, “we shall overcome the pandemic successfully and build a stronger state capable of facing any such future challenge.”
State Chief Secretary J Alam, his opening remarks, said that we had been dealing with COVID-19 and medical crisis especially when the second wave of Coronavirus hit us. He said that the second wave tested the State’s capacity severely and our abilities were overrun by the sudden wave.

He said it was the point of time the Government had the idea to develop its medical facilities and suggested that the State should have an acute care hospital not only for COVID cases but for all other medical crisis which is a valuable addition in the medical field.
The project briefing was addressed by Amardeep S Bhatia, Principal Secretary, State Health & Family Welfare Department.
A report about the Acute Care Hospital was delivered by the M/S Glocal Healthcare Systems Private Ltd., Kolkata, Director Syed Sabahat Azim. He said that he founded Glocal Healthcare System in 2010 and it is represented in 12 countries globally. He said that this is the first 200-bed acute hospital anywhere on earth which had been built in 100 days’ time, which is a world record that should be shown to the whole world to show how a State functions. He said that to build the Acute Care Hospital, they used technologies which were originally used for constructing tall buildings. He added that they pushed their limits to create a landmark.
He said that this is the world’s first digital acute care hospital which allows doctors from around the world to monitor on the patient that helps the inmate doctors to take breaks while attaining to critical patients.
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