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Naga Warriors !!! ARE WE?

Nagas are characterised by Valour, Bravery and Aggressive spirit. It is what we have inherited from our forefathers. The good lord has bestowed on me the good fortune of travelling and seeing things in other parts of the country, to some extent. The biggest problem which the other societies face is that of Corruption! I think the same is true for our state and society.
What is noticeable elsewhere is that there is growing unacceptability brewing for this menace in many a place and smarter digital solutions are emerging and getting implemented. The awareness and assertiveness to eradicate corruption is gaining ground amongst the youth and percolating in governance.
Now let us take a look at our society. Apart from organisations like ACAUT which are based on the ideology of eradicating corruption and making attempts in fits and starts, there has not been a very valiant fight put up by our “Naga Warriors” which is ‘The public at large and Youth in particular. They have been dismally mute spectators while the society has sunk deeper and deeper into the abyss of Corruption. Why have we reached such a situation where the public at large has become so insensitive to the pathetic state of development, the same old lame excuses of meager funds being paraded and…etc. The situation has as much to blame the corrupt system, officials, politicians as the common man. It has to be understood that – Accountability if not understood by the officials needs to be enforced, Responsibility if not accepted has to be forced upon and transparency if not provided to the public has to be ensured. Now the big ticket question is HOW? The answer lies in evoking the spirit of the Naga, the spirit which epitomizes bravery, activism and standing for truth. Does it have to follow the old method of violence or have times changed the Ways we fight this battle! Perhaps what is required is more activism by the people, being active and not passive, taking note of the commissions and omissions and demanding their rights, exerting pressure on the Government of the day to produce tangible results. Attitude of questioning the powers to be on the lack of development, excessive taxation by multitude of agencies among other things is the need of hour. Let us rekindle the Naga Spirit in these modern times and fight with resolve against corruption and excessive taxation. The power of masses should not be underestimated. However the masses need to be galvanised to be aware and conscious of their potential. Passivity will definitely not kindle it, Activism by the people moulded in the right direction is the only key to unlock this puzzle!! So let’s start and do it, What are you waiting For.
Lily Gloria Patton
John Memorial Hostel