Mima & Dihoma establish friendship pact

Dimapur, November 18: A friendship programme between Mima village and Dihoma village was held at Mima village on November 2.
The programme was held as part of the preparation of celebration of Mima village platinum jubilee of Christianity in 2019. As part of the preparatory celebration, the village took the decision to establish a bond of friendship with another village, and decided that this bond would be forged with Dihoma village, and the November 2 programme was held in order to affirm this bond and strengthen ties between the two villages.
Addressing a gathering from both communities, Visasolie Lhoungu, chairman, Nagaland Bamboo Mission highlighted that friendship pertains not only to being friendly within the village walls but also being good and kind towards one another beyond boundaries and helping one another in times of need.
Also speaking at the programme, Vilelie Khamo, first class contractor, stated the importance of unity, and advised that even though it may be difficult to bring about unity and peace in totality, everyone should strive towards uniting at least two people as this would forge the way.
The programme was chaired by Vizokho-o Lese, programme committee chairman and Kho-o Pfükha, pastor invoked God’s blessings. Affirming of the friendship through exchange of Holy Bibles was officiated by Rev. Rakhu Livi, pastor with Neichüzo Keyie, chairman MVC and Thepfuneituo Yano, chairman DVC carrying out the token act. The programme concluded with mass prayer and feast. (Page News Service)