LTMRCC, LKMRCC tell Construction company not to pay any tax

Dimapur, January 17: The Langpakong Tzukong Mungdang Road Coordination Committee (LTMRCC) and Langpangkong Kaketshir Mungdang Road Coordination Committee (LKMRCC) held a coordination meeting today with Nithin Sai Constructions at Langpakong Hq, Chuchuyimlang and advised the contractor that Langpangkon range being a tax free land, no tax is allowed to be paid/entertained to any communities, Naga national political groups or Government agencies whatsoever with regard to the two-lane construction at Langpangkong jurisdiction, i.e., from zero point to Dikhu river (7.2 km).
The Road coordination committees reaffirmed that it would not compromise with the quality of work at any cost and the project should be completed within the stipulate time as the contract agreement. (Page News Service)