Log drum installed at DB’s Court Tuensang

Dimapur, November 21: Tuensang district DB’s Customary Court installed a log drum on November 19. The event was themed ‘Reviving the glory of drum’. The log drum was donated by Waoshu village and the towing ceremony started from DC Bungalow to Customary Court Tuensang. The log drum guest was DC Tuensang, Mohammed Ali Shihab and the log drum was named Anong. The towing event was attended by villagers of Waoshu village, elders of the town, DBs and officers of the district.
The installation programme was held at Customary Court Hall Tuensang. The programme was led Kevithito Rose, EAC Tuensang. Yangchu Chang PA to DC Tuensang and convenor planning committee gave the opening remark.
Speaking on the occasion, Shihab appreciated the collective initiatives of the citizen and lauded Waoshu village for the generous gesture of donating the log drum to the district.
“It’s an asset for the district, and under it the district should live in peace, prosperity and harmony. It is not just a wooden drum but rather an emblem of unity, sacrifice and bravery. It tells us the legacy, culture and tradition of our forefather’s sacrifice in building this society. It is an integral part of the culture and signifies the wealth and riches of the village. In current context is simply signifies the symbol of identity and we must be proud to have such asset,” DC stated.
Rajashikaran, DIG also greeted the citizens with peace, harmony and happiness under log drum. (Page News Service)