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Lessees to collect tolls tax as per old DMC rates


Dimapur, October 16: In regards with the leasing out of the Dimapur Municipal Tolls and Urban utilities fees and the issue arising out of the hike in fees by the lessees, the DMC today held a meeting with the Naga Council Dimapur and discussed on the issue.
The house decided that the old rate of DMC for every item would be strictly followed and those lessees who charge more than the existing rates would be cancelled.
The DMC empowered the Public Action Committee (PAC) of the Naga Council Dimapur to monitor the activities of the lessees and to bring to the notice of the concerned authority against those lessees who charges more than the existing rates.
Meanwhile, the DMC has also constituted a committee with a view to keep vigilance over the DMC Urban Fee Collection on various items by the Lesse/Contractor at all entry gates/collection point.
The committee members are Dr Sentimoa Longkumer, VAS; T Revo Anar, UDA; Inaka Zhimomi, UDA and Agan Rongmei, Accounts Assistant, DMC.
The committee members would visit each and every entry gate/collection point and conduct checking and ensure that collection is done as per DMC’s prescribed rates.
Talking to media persons about the fiasco, DMC Administrator, Moa Sangtam said that the issue started with MS Rod where the lessee charged more than the prescribed rate.
He said the DMC prescribed rate for 6-wheeler vehicle is Rs 350 and 8-wheeler and above Rs 450. He said the government has not given any order to charge the amount as taken by the Lessee, neither it has allowed them to collect the prescribed rate.
He said there are 36 items on which DMC is authorized to collect the prescribe fees, which does not include MS Rod and Tiles, for which rates have not been fixed.
On the issue of the Toll Gates being handed over to private individuals/organizations, the DMC Administrator said that when the DMC staff was collecting the taxes at entry gates, it was collecting Rs 55 lakhs per month on an average, but now after it has been leased out, the DMC is getting a revenue of Rs 67.75 lakhs.
He said that the issue of leasing out the toll gates to private individuals was also explained to the Naga Council and they have understood now.
He also said that there were instances where the DMC was unable to pay salaries of its staff for many months after the Toll Tax collection was stopped.
Sangtam also disclosed that he has held discussions with the Hardware Merchants Association after the issue of MS Rod came up and asked them to provide proofs of the Leesses charging them hefty amounts so that action can be taken against the defaulters. (Page News Service)