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KU anguished at Amit Shah’s statement in Parliament

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 7: The Konyak Union today termed the statement of Union Home Minister, Amit Shah in the Parliament as “misleading, indigestible and false.”

Expressing anguish at the statement of Amit Shah on the recent incident at Oting village, Mon, the Konyak Union said that there are many evidences and truth behind what had actually occurred in that unfortunate fateful evening at Oting village (both photos, audio and visuals).
It said the Union Home Minister’s remark made in Parliament is purely in favour of the India military point of view.
It said the innocent civilians who were returning to their village from their respective daily earning areas namely Tiru coal mine, were directly ambushed without any questions enquired; not as the Minister stated in the Parliament that they were asked to stop.
In this regard, the Union strongly urged the Union Government and the concerned Ministry to probe the incident with facts and evidence, to portray the actual facts and events that took placed and not simply relying nor reasoning to some distorted twisted information and accounts made by some Officials yearning for promotions or other National awards.

The Union also urged the Nagaland Government to take a serious note in this matter and bring justice without further delay. (Page News Service)