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Kenye calls for repeal of AFSPA

KG Kenye Nagaland Rajya Sabha MP

KOHIMA, DECEMBER 8: Nagaland’s lone Member of Rajya Sabha KG Kenye today pleaded for repeal of Armed Forces Special Power (AFSPA) 1958.

Speaking at the ongoing winter session of the Parliament, Kenye recalled that when the AFSPA was brought to the floor of the August House, it was followed by a marathon debate by the Members of this august which stretched for days together.
The then Members were hearing from different parts of the country and they expressed their serious apprehension about the misuse and abuse of the special powers if it was enacted to be used by the armed forces against innocent civilians with impunity, they would go scot free without any prosecution from any court of law without the previous sanction of the Central Government.
It was grave danger envisioning the grave consequences that would bear on this country, he said.
The then Members of the Parliament had vehemently and stiffly opposed the enactment of this AFSPA, he said.
Kenye said in the light of what has transpired in the last 63 years up to December 4, they were prophetic and proven to be correct.
This AFSPA has bred nothing in this country except animosity about the people of these regions ~ the Northeastern Region and the mainland, he said, adding that it has taken a heavy toll on the unity and integrity of this country.
Ultimately, Kenye said the casualty is inflicted on the unity and integrity of this country so, all the efforts that have been put in by wise men, leaders, right thinking citizens of this country from all walks of life have just been destroyed in a matter of a few hours.
Expressing that as long as this AFSPA continues to remain in the constitution of our country, it will be used with impunity again, MP Kenye on behalf of all the regions appealed that wherever this AFSPA is in operation should be repealed.
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