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It’s too late to regret: former CEC

GUWAHATI, SEPTEMBER 3: Former Chief Election Commissioner Hari Shankar Brahma has said the outcome of the final NRC is on expected lines and it is now too late to regret as to what went wrong in preparation of the crucial citizenship document.
Brahma, who headed the Committee for Protection of Land Rights of Indigenous People of Assam, said “it must be accepted now that the final NRC outcome was on expected lines since the parameters adopted for the update exercise were reportedly tweaked on a few occasions.”
Expressing gratitude to the Supreme Court for its strict monitoring till publication of the final NRC, Hari Shankar Brahma asserted that legitimate Indians not included in the final list must be thoroughly re-examined and problems resolved without any further loss of time.
“Our failure to redress such grievances will be construed as a failure by the State machinery. There should be a definite timeframe to complete all the formalities for the genuine Indian citizens,” he said.
The former Chief Election Commissioner further said that the ‘D’ voters as well as those (excluded from the final NRC) who will ultimately fail to prove their Indian identity must be deported and their names struck off from the electoral roll of the State. Brahma, however, said it will be very unfortunate and tragic for Assam if the final NRC becomes a tool of politics.
(Courtesy: The Sentinel)