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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mark Wahlberg was paid Rs 9.5 crore while Michelle Williams Rs 63,000

Friday, 12 January 2018 12:43
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Mark Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million (Rs 9.5 crore) for the nine-day reshoots conducted for Ridley Scott’s All the Money in the World, while his co-star Michelle Williams was paid less than $1000 (Rs 63,000), a new report says.

USA Today reported that Wahlberg’s team negotiated a hefty deal when sudden reshoots had to be conducted for the film following the sacking of Kevin Spacey. Director Ridley Scott made the decision to recast his role with Christopher Plummer and complete filming to make the movie’s December 22 release date, which at that point was approximately a month away.

Scott had previously implied that “everyone did it for nothing”. Speaking with USA Today, the director had said, “The whole reshoot was — in normal terms was expensive but not as expensive as you think. Because all of them, everyone did it for nothing.” The process cost a reported $10 million.

“I refused to get paid,” Scott said, but “Christopher had to get paid, but Michelle, no.”

The USA Today report suggests that Williams was not told that Wahlberg’s team had negotiated a deal. She was paid the Screen Actors Guild guidelines minimum of $80 per day. The rumour was first addressed by actor Jessica Chastain, who has long been a vocal advocate for equal pay. She tweeted after the Golden Globes, where Williams had been nominated for an award.

Williams had spoken to USA Today about the reshoots previously. “I said I’d be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me. And they could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted. Because I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort,” she’d said.

According to Forbes, Wahlberg was the highest paid actor in 2017, with annual earnings of approximately $68 million.

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