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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Game of Thrones: Jerome Flynn’s postman is angry at him for hurting Drogon

Saturday, 12 August 2017 11:48
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Game of Thrones is perhaps one of the very few television shows which can pit two beloved characters against each other in a scene and still not let the viewer hate either of the two. The same happened in the latest episode of the series with Bronn and Daenerys.

However, Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on the show, has revealed that he’s suddenly grown unpopular with the fans for shooting a spear at Drogon. So much so, that even his ‘postman won’t speak with him’.

In an interview to Making Game of Thrones, HBO’s blog for everything related to the show, Jerome said, “I was surprised when I was watching it (the episode). I spent weeks on that sequence, but I was on the edge of my seat, the adrenaline was running — they really nailed it. Although since the day the battle aired, I’ve been a little unpopular, I have to say. My postman won’t speak to me because I shot the dragon.”

Jerome also talked about the weeks’ hard work that brought the spectacular sequence to life. “It took four or five weeks to film that sequence, but the actual “death run” to Qyburn’s scorpion happened over a couple of days. And that one particular sequence was some of the most exciting filming I’ve had. You’ve got all this extraordinary excellence around you — people who have been training for months to get every little piece of their puzzle right; stuntmen, armorers, everyone. It’s a whole dance going on. And suddenly you’re set free, and it’s the ultimate boy’s playground with a lot of adrenaline thrown in,” he said.

The actor took his pick when asked who is more important to Bronn, Tyrion or Jaime. “He doesn’t have total disregard for Jaime, but he has a bond with Tyrion that’s hard for him to ignore. And the connection they’ve made with their sense of humour. If Bronn’s got a fondness for anybody in the world, I’d say Tyrion is probably close up there. He sees him as an underdog like himself,” he said.

Jerome was also asked about his fate on the show after the cliffhanger ending to the episode and if fans should be concerned for him. “I think it depends on if you care for him. If you’re really angry he’s been shooting at Drogon, then maybe not,” he said.

Game of Thrones’ Instagram page also shared the storyboard from the scene.

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