Imran Khan asks the international community to engage with the Taliban

Imran Khan 1
Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, December 16: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan asked the international community to engage with the Taliban whose foreign assets have been frozen.
The Ashraf Ghani-led government in Afghanistan was overthrown in mid-August this year, and since then, the country is facing a severe financial crunch, with their foreign assets frozen, according to Geo TV.
Earlier, Imran Khan said that humanitarian organisations wishing to work from Pakistan to support efforts in Afghanistan should be facilitated and that Islamabad had already committed to being the air and land bridge for humanitarian support to Kabul.
However, despite Imran Khan’s appeal, the latest report of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on Afghanistan shows concern about “conditional humanitarianism” or attempts to “leverage” humanitarian assistance for political purposes implying Pakistan’s motives.
Further, on December 19, Pakistan is hosting an extraordinary session of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Foreign Ministers in Islamabad and the issue of Afghanistan will be discussed in detail. (Agencies)