Hope ‘Hellbound’ is not just consumed but also gives food for thought: director Yeon Sang-ho

Yeon Sang Ho

Director Yeon Sang-ho, best known for popular Korean films like “Train To Busan” and its sequel “Peninsula”, on Tuesday said he hopes his debut series “Hellbound” compels viewers to reflect upon their belief system and its larger impact on the society.

“Hellbound”, a Korean language Netflix original series, follows a string of supernatural events that take place in Seoul causing a clash of convictions.
Starring Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, Won Jin-a, Yang Ik-june, the show is based on a webtoon created by Yeon.
“These characters are the people we see in society. They have different convictions and emotions. The viewers can resonate with them, depending on which conviction they choose to believe in. It’s fun to watch a clash of these convictions, it gives us an opportunity to think about our society… I hope ‘Hellbound’ is not just consumed but also gives food for thought,” the director said during a global press conference from Seoul, virtually attended by PTI.
“Hellbound” will premiere globally on Netflix on Friday. (PTI)