Er. Moa Aier laments absence of Aos’ origin story

Nagaland News

KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 13: The fact that Aos don’t have their origin story in the NBSE Class 10 textbook speaks volume about the lack of cohesion and uniformity among the Ao people even today, stated the Chief Engineer, Department of Power, Moa Aier at the golden jubilee celebration of Waromung Students’ Union, Kohima, at Molu Ki, Kohima, on November 13.

He said that while this has happened because of the differences in the origin story between the Chungli and Mongsen speaking people, the Ao tribe in particular still does not have a concrete origin story which has eventually led to the exclusion of the origin story of the Ao tribe of Nagaland from the syllabus.
He reiterated that this difference in oral narratives about the origin story is further fragmenting the Ao community to the point where it stands to lose its identity over time if not addressed with understanding.
Aier also pointed out that the Naga parents are restricting their children from critically thinking about the ills and vices of the society because they are blinded by Government jobs.
“It is only after acknowledging that this primitive thinking is hampering the progress of society, we will be able to move on”, he added.
Aier further reminded the gathering that even though the theme for the golden jubilee is ‘Uniformity in mindset in the new age’, the present generation can move forward only after it has attained intellectual maturity.
He underscored the dire need for the present generation of Nagas to look at every job with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Recounting a personal experience he had with some Naga students 20 years ago, Aier expressed dismay at being told by the students themselves that they were pursuing masters for “time pass”.
“This may look like an off-handed comment but this particular statement defines the mindset of the young people even in present times and we need a relook at how we go ahead in this world with the various roles we have to play. We have to look at jobs like an opportunity to not only earn a livelihood but to also bring an impact and change into the lives of the people around us”, he said.
Chief Guest of the event, Longrineken, Advisor to National Highways Treasuries and Accounts, said that the present generation is reaping the seeds sown by the pioneers of the student union who had the mental acuity and intellect to indentify the importance of a union in a far away land fifty years ago.

“Our leaders, despite few in number, recognised the importance for a community to be united in order to safeguard its rights, and to live harmoniously with the communities and organisations”, he added.
“With the attainment of golden anniversary, which is a milestone, let us resolve to forgive each other, settle our differences and move ahead”, he said.
Longrineken further urged the youths and the student union to chalk out a roadmap where the future is bright and everyone has a role to play as the society moves forward.
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