English Language Day observed at College of Arts and Technology

Nagaland News

KOHIMA, APRIL 23: The English Department of College of Arts and Technology, Nerhe Pheza in Kohima observed English Language Day by conducting a workshop on “English as a Living Language” on Friday.

Roukuomenuo Mere, an English Honours student, talked about the life and works of William Shakespeare, and also highlighted that English Language Day coincides with the Bard’s birthday.
Talking about the significance of the English Language, Assistant Professor of English, Sungjemmenla Longkumer said that the language not only adds a touch of convenience for communication but has been and is a gateway to art. “The beauty of the language lies in its huge capacity for expressions,” she stated.
Further expounding that the English is a blended language of so many cultures and shared history, Longkumer said that behind every English word, intonation or a sentence, lies an intriguing story of exchange and migration making it a ‘Living Language’ that is constantly evolving.

The day also witnessed the enactment of Shakespeare’s monologue from Pastoral Comedy “All the World’s a Stage” by the English Honours students. Further, the students and teachers of the college participated in reciting Shakespeare’s Sonnets and exchanged their favourite English words. (Page News Service)