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Monday, January 22, 2018

Irresponsible citizenry

Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:10
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We applaud the Government when they spend money and bring about certain development in our respective areas. It is undoubtedly appreciable. The fact remains that a lot more is yet to be done if the Government wants to win the hearts and minds of its people. This stark reality can't be bypassed that much has been written about the road conditions in the State, particularly the district headquarters, but all critiques for the rehabilitation of these roads, did not make any difference to the concerned chambers. They have almost stuffed their ears with the cotton-balls so that they can't listen to the public cry. Our leaders are making the best of both their ears - they listen with one and let the people's cries and screams exit from the other. Consequently nothing remains with them and they keep on enjoying. What to talk of the Governmental high ups, even the officers at the district level, and even sub divisional level, make not much of what the public speaks for. In all the areas where the roads are in a paralyzed condition, the state of the drains is no better too. Our towns are not planned well because private citizens build them as they wish with no planning at all. Buildings that trespass into public drain areas are not an uncommon thing. We like to blame the Government even when it is apparent that irresponsible citizens are contributing to the shabby get-up of our towns with no proper drainage system resulting in the menace of flowing waste-water into the roads and inevitably wash the tarmac off the road. Motor-bikes skidding incidents, road-surfaces littered with muddy water; and shops flooded with stray water-flow in the market are the frequently happening spectacles in almost all the suburban towns of our State. Take the example of the State's commercial capital and the most developed town in our State, Dimapur. Almost all roads are frequently seen to have been flooded with drain water, clearly an indicator of the irresponsible attitude of the municipal council, R&B or whosoever is concerned. The drains are stuffed with garbage thrown by the local residents, making a display of their civic backwardness, and the water, during the rainy days, carrying all this garbage, gets diverted into the live roads and creates a stinking atmosphere all around. It not only clogs the plying vehicles but even the pedestrians have to come across great hardships while walking along such dirty roads. Our people are so prosperous and self-centered and in a way irresponsible that they are always looking for some one to come and clean the drains to save their life and lanes. This is the most disgusting habit of such residents around shabby drains. Obviously when none comes to their support, the same unhygienic drains give rise to many health hazards especially for little children. The grown-up people get affected not so much because they have become accustomed to this stench. Perhaps each colony could think of ways to protect and maintain their drains instead of waiting for someone in authority to come and do it. Taking steps, that are practical and doable, like cleaning the drains and checking that people do not dump their garbage in the drains, ensuring that drainage areas are not encroached upon by unscrupulous residents, etc. is very much possible for all of us and hence we must come forward to do it for us. Even if it means taking the extra effort to organize the colony and do it, it is a worthwhile activity because it contributes to cleanliness and safety of road surfaces. Indeed, while the concerned government agencies unquestionably need to do a lot more to give citizens good roads; much can also be achieved with a little initiative from all of us.


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