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Monday, January 22, 2018

She's speaking louder

Saturday, 09 September 2017 11:57
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Almost all rights, liberties and freedoms that are taken for granted today, in what we perceive to be democracies, were not handed down on a Silver platter. Any cursory look at history will inform that everything we are privileged to enjoy and consider non-negotiable today have been achieved by human lives, sacrifices and suffering ~ all because of the fervent beliefs in the right of the free human spirit. It has also always been a minority that have stood firmly by their beliefs, never compromising on their principles and integrity, for everyone to live and bask in the light of a free world where human beings are guaranteed to be human beings, not slaves and subjects to the regressive and repressive political, economic, cultural and religious powers-that-be. And the belief in the right of the free human spirit, body and mind have been fought for and achieved to a great extent through the vehicle called ideas ~ never through the barrel of the gun. No, our world is not perfect and greater ideas are still needed to make it perfect but the power of ideas is so potent that throughout the globe we find efforts to kill ideas and when they cannot be killed, those who ideate and share ideas are killed. All genesis and history of power struggles, even at the most microscopic level, are consequences of conflicting ideas ~ so what stands out and define a society is how these conflicting ideas are contested. The means not only define the end but the means also determine victory of conflicting ideas even if sometimes it takes decades and centuries to achieve it. Perhaps, the fight against colonialism and imperialism, against slavery, against apartheid, for suffragette, etc., are some instances. Time also alters the character, content and context of ideas, which those who seek to gain and retain power through the barrel of the gun may consider seriously because nobody can halt the dynamism of the human heart and mind, as much as the developments they engender ~ keeping in mind that these very same developments also engender newer thoughts and ideas, even ideologies, in the human heart and mind. Yes, those without ideas, or with ideas that are inimical to foster the human spirit, body and mind, usually resort to violence and exert their might through the barrel of the gun, and through various other forms ~ history is replete with such instances, but try as they would, the human spirit triumphs, even is the human body if destroyed. So yes, Gauri Lankesh and so many before her have been killed yet they are not dead. In fact, today we see that there are a lot of political forces (some may wear religious or cultural disguises) within India that are on the back-foot and are stumbling over their words trying to explain themselves. This is a positive development for the country because no nation can move forward as long as the human spirit is enslaved within the boundaries of immuring customs, cultures, traditions, and political, economic and social ideologies that deny humanity and humanness to human beings. And as always, the rot inside spills over to the outside in one form or the other ~ and while the one kind of rot inside has been exposed with Gauri Lankesh's murder, the rest of the rot is oozing out slowly but surely. While regressive political, social, cultural and religious forces in the country have sought to put those who disagree with them in the back-foot by silencing them, unwittingly they have put themselves in the back-foot. This has always been the weakness of ideas and ideologies that do not respect the human being and demean and disparage the human spirit. When human inclusivity is not the raison d'etre and the focal goal of any idea and ideology, they cannot be enduring ~ because human bondage was never the fate of human beings. So yes, some of us will continuously speak up for rights, liberties, freedoms, equality, justice, fraternity and democracy, every which way, and will make ourselves vulnerable and easy prey for those who seek to subjugate the human spirit but we will not be silenced because the human spirit has a way of defying malevolent machinations. In death, Gauri Lankesh is speaking louder and the whole world is listening. 

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