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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Insolvency of ideas

Friday, 08 September 2017 12:03
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It was easy to kill Gauri Lankesh, as it has always been easy to kill than to ideate, reason, rationalize and agree to disagree. It has always been easy for those who do not value humanity ~ in fact, their only option ~ to destroy than to nurture life, and the living, by killing, shaming and silencing. After all, how does anyone counter and defend the fallacious, breast-fed on the milk of illogical beliefs and fostered on the most irrational fodder of biases and prejudices, with wisdom? Gauri Lankesh, and so many before her, was not killed with ideas, reason and logic but mindlessly with a gun. And the gun has always epitomized the insolvency of ideas, as violence is the only resort of minds that cannot think and of hearts that cannot feel. It was easy to kill Gauri Lankesh, and so many like her, across the country because it doesn't occur to hardened minds and hearts to sit down with them, discourse with them and point out the perceived irrationality of their beliefs, their reasoning, their logic, their arguments, their courage, their convictions and their commitments and rationally dispute the flaws in their posits. It was easy to kill Gauri Lankesh because it is easy to violate those who stand alone, armoured only with their courage of convictions and their indomitable spirit, to point out and stand up to flaws of society and state caused by faulty concepts and exercise of power, rooted in specious beliefs of superiority, rights, self-rightness, conceit ~ and the appropriation of the over-lordship to control the perceived inferior thereof. And those for whom it is easy to kill than to reason abound across the country and across the globe ~ we have seen their footfalls everywhere. These are people, who do not brook any tolerance of those who do not think, act, live, eat, dress and live like them, and "other" them as obstacles that must be shamed, silenced and slain ~ as warnings to anyone, who challenge and defy. Yes, we have them in our corner of the country too and I have seen their faces ~ the same faces are etched in our psyche particularly with the assassination of Chalie Kevichusa, Editor, Ura Mail, on September 23, 1992, at Dimapur. Some of these people do not necessarily wield guns ~ they weave lies and misinformation, half-truths and post-truths to destroy who and what they disagree with and everything they perceive to be threats, ergo inimical towards their objective of reinforcing their control over the minds of people, an objective they believe are their divinely-bestowed fields to plough and plant regressive, repressive, reactionary, bigoted, despotic, dogmatic and tyrannical seeds so as to lord over those who they will not allow to think. Because they cannot and will not try to think, they do not want anyone to think either and those who cannot be prevented from thinking become their avowed adversaries. The people for whom it is easy to kill are the real impediments to human development and society and state's progress because they do not and cannot face truth and deal with it. No one can, or should, claim sole prerogative and proprietorship to truth but those for whom it is easy to kill do exactly that thereby denying and disallowing the several dimensions of inconvenient truth that must be faced and articulated unambiguously to liberate the wretched of the earth. Even if a person is denied the right to ideologies and beliefs, none can erase the very same harboured in the human heart and mind. Very few people have the strength of character to give voice to their ideologies and beliefs, and speak the truth, as also enable and empower others to enunciate theirs ~ this is the real fear of those for whom it is easy to kill for fear decimates reasoning abilities, which in turn destroys humanity, their humanness. But it is not only those who kill with the gun that have their reasoning capabilities decimated and their humanity and humanness destroyed ~ there are those, who kill with words, with insinuations and with inferences, as evident in a lot of the "reports" on Gauri Lankesh's murder blitzkrieged on our television screens. We are living in the times of the dominating and the domineering ~ so we see a lot of bending, bowing and breaking to survive. But there is Gauri Lankesh in a lot of us too. 

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