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Monday, January 22, 2018

Our village has failed

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 11:57
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The news that the Nagaland Government plans to redeploy teachers attached to offices, which made Page 1 of all local newspapers here today, further lends credence to the point that the entire village of Nagaland hasn't been bringing up our children ~ recollect the African adage "It takes the whole village to bring up a child". Amazing isn't it that the state Government has "detected over 700 teachers attached to offices and officers, which is stated to be illegal" ~ therefore our Minister for School Education has written letters to all Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries, Advisors and MLAs about the Government's decision to redeploy all those teachers to their respective schools? Now, why is this letter necessitated? Apparently because most of the teachers are transferred out of their schools and attached to offices and top Government officers politically. The School Education Department gives us this statics: in School Education Directorate alone there are 76 teachers attached, State Mission Office RMSA and State Mission Authority Office SSA - 64, DEO and SDEO offices in the Districts and Sub-Divisions - 551 and teachers attached with VIPs - 43. In total, 734 teachers are not performing their original duty, clearly creating huge problems in the functioning of Government schools. Many teachers were reportedly sent to other Departments on deputation, who never return to their parent Department also ~ not surprisingly, the terrible results of our Government schools. So, "the Minister has requested Naga lawmakers to bear and cooperate with the Department while undergoing the process of redeployment of attached teachers to their respective place for smooth functioning of schools", and reportedly, this redeployment has been the long demand of student organisations led by the Naga Students' Federation (NSF) but which the Government hasn't complied as yet. Now, while the Government contemplates on teachers' redeployment there is a possibility that they would sue the Department to the Court, as has been done earlier. But that should be the least of our Government's worries because the bigger threat to it is the possibility of the public or individuals suing the Government for such gross anomalies, nay corruption ~ in the most crucial Department of the state. It's bad enough that teachers are attached to offices they have no business to be attached to and/or sent on deputation to Departments that wouldn't add any value to school education in Nagaland but what takes the cake is teachers being attached to VIPs! Why do our VIPs need teachers to be attached to them? For further education? Well, from all accounts, these VIPs seem to be unteachable and unlearnable and these teachers also seem to be doing a very bad job. Neither the VIPs nor the teachers deserve to be VIPs and teachers. All these bring us back to the issue of not only the abysmal quality of most of our teachers today but also expose their value-system, which even the gutters would regurgitate on them. And that parents today take this lying down speaks volumes of their value-system too ~ as much as this rotten state of affairs speaks piercingly about the society and state of Nagaland. Now, depending on how long these 734 teachers haven't seen a school, much less the insides of a classroom, how would their redeployment to schools help improve the quality of teaching, learning and education? Is the Government also planning to re-educate them so that they can teach? This is vital because unless teachers, at any level, keep up with the latest in terms of subject, methodology, pedagogy, etc., it would be adding insult to injury to foist these teachers on students. Clearly, if they haven't been doing what were hired for, then they ought to be discharged from service for doing something illegal and actually being paid for that. The Government further risks legal action for allowing teachers to do things they weren't hired for ~ and in this, both politicians and bureaucrats must take responsibility for the rot in Nagaland's education sector and for this fraudulence perpetrated by deceitfulness politicians, bureaucrats and teachers. The scandal that education in Nagaland is will not disappear in a few years, much less through redeployment of teachers, who haven't been teaching probably for decades. Now the Minister must explain to the public how this has come to pass ~ because only when problems are identified can solutions be found. Inarguably, never has Nagaland been in more dire need of transparency and accountability ~ consequently fixing of responsibility. 

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