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Monday, January 22, 2018

Consumer mindset

Monday, 14 August 2017 12:22
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In the history of nations there comes a time when instruments of social change unleash their power. The factor triggering the change could be outdated political philosophy yielding to a newer one; technological revolution paving way for new socio-economic order and the rise of rebellious generation as enablers seeking space to become the change. Unfortunately this is not happening in here our state. The age-old dusty social canvass hiding in its folds the meek ignorance, bias and social prejudice continue to remain unchanged. The status quo on this count gave birth to the transition that refuses to go. The irony of fate as it might be, socio-economic morass has engulfed us. On top of it we were made to believe and appreciate in the system that is in fact plagued with exploitative capitalism thriving on aberration and lack of will to learn, understand and implement a socio-economic transformational program. Obviously this has led to chaos, confusion and self-centred agenda that have enslaved us. We are still in a state of sustained transition. The exit appears invisible. We are not ready to adapt to modern technology as it demands, neither are we aware of socio-economic emancipation in real sense of the concept. Indeed nations and their economies are never rated based on crooked prosperity. Nations in essence, do not thrive on prosperity alone. Their life spans over centuries and these draw their strength from a robust thought process, civilization and acumen to self- introspection and self correction. Our main thrust, still, is to become a society of literates. Our education curricula are set accordingly. Understanding, controlling and contributing in evolution of technology is need of the hour. Purchasing a new branded car is just one thing. Driving the car to serve the purpose and discipline for which it was innovated is another thing. Technology demands sensible applicability, use and impact on environment. Our vision extends only between our daily destination and the fuel station. Understanding the supply chain of the fossil fuels and their socio-economic impact remains a farfetched corollary. Delving on environmental issues do not seem appealing to us. Much needed research and alternative systems and programs are a taboo. As a snake-bitten social canvass having lost sensitivity to promote thinking we are reduced to a voracious consumer society. Dream of moving out from the dark past and hazy transition is still not ours. World is already in an age of mass innovation and knowledge intelligence, adaptation of technology to ones needs and taming of technology to ones social aspirations. We are neither growing nor adapting. Ask a student about our social goals and technological requirements he/she may respond with a stunning silence. Ask the same person about his or her self-centred goals, you would get a razor edge response. This is consumer mindset. We need to change from consumer mindset to producer mindset. Producer of ideas if not more!  We need to perceive and pursue the scientific temper. There is no harm to avail technology but one may need to use it with a scientific temper. A car evolved to carry five passengers cannot be and should not be overloaded with six or seven. A car without tuned engine may pollute the atmosphere and needs to be tuned. While driving in left lane there should be a proper method to shift to right lane. Driving as a licensed driver needs to be perceived as a social obligation not as a dictate from a statutory authority that needs enforcement and deterrent. But we lack scientific temper. The range of technology is infinite. Developing and applying scientific temper towards each is inevitable. Innovative thinking, critical assessment and realizing scope for improvement are keys to our social transformation and the only way to move out of the frustrating transition. We need to initiate a debate and envisage a new socio-economic order to rid ourselves of most of the miseries that plague our society.


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