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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Inglorious innings

Tuesday, 13 June 2017 11:53
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Retired Additional SP, and Consultant to DGP Nagaland, MKR Pillai's "case history", so to speak, is an old narrative, the stuff that make the legends and heroes of our Police Department, more so our Home Department, telling on the inglorious innings of our state Governments that were and are in the helm of "governance" for decades. That this retired Police Officer, who came up from the ranks, to become Nagaland DGP's Consultant, is finally under the scanner of the Income Tax Department was something that was waiting to happen ~ unfortunately, it happened a bit late in the day ~ for early in the turn of this century, there was much angst regarding promotion/"extension" of his service, which was well-recorded in the only two Dailies of that time ~ Nagaland Post and Nagaland Page ~ to which, of course, the then state Government turned a deaf ear only to have it haunt now after all these years. But first thing first ~ why does DGP Nagaland need a Consultant and that too, a retired Additional SP, who may have received a meritorious award but have not shown any meritorious record as far as policing is concerned? And, if DGP Nagaland really needs a Consultant, why one of the rank of an Additional SP and not of a higher rank, who would have had more experience and expertise? Now, how "badly affected"  would the entire Police Department be if "Pillai Sir" is removed, and why is a single individual running "the financial and other crucial systems in the Department which only he could operate", as quoted by a local newspaper on its June 12 issue? Doesn't needing and having a Consultant actually speak volumes of the office of the DGP Nagaland, which is headed by IPS Officers? Further, wouldn't it be interesting to find out how many DGPs in India have Consultants? Inconvenient questions, right? But questions that not only need to be asked but also seem to be answered with the retired but seemingly indispensable Police officer now coming under the Income Tax Department's scanner ~ after all, Rs. 100 crore is really not a laughing matter, not even Rs 50 crore. There are two aspects to this scam and scandal ~ (1) the necessity to do a social audit on whether policing in Nagaland has improved after Pillai, post-retirement, was hired as Consultant to DGP Nagaland; (2) Would the Income Tax Department not only go through Pillai's entire service history, as also of those who "lent him a helping hand" to become such an indispensable figure in Nagaland's policing and simultaneously amass a mind-boggling amount of wealth during his entire tenure before retirement plus his tenure as Consultant to DGP Nagaland? It is actually not very surprising that, till the time of writing this, there has been no reaction from the state Government ~ not to mention Pillai's immediate termination as Consultant to DGP Nagaland ~ unless, of course, his tenure, as Consultant to DGP Nagaland, was over but the state Government either forgot, or didn't think it necessary, to inform the public but would in a day or two, or even post haste, to dust off any soot from the chimney of the accumulating corruption allegations against our state Government, especially in the past decade and more? Surely, the irony of Pillai's "case history" cannot be missed ~ that it is about the Police Department, which is under the Home Department, which is the core of governance in any state? Now who is going to police the Police Department? Every Department, including the Income Tax Department, operates within a stated jurisdiction hence an agency is direly needed to clean up our Police Department but would our state Government allow an Central agency to investigate and fix responsibility thereby clean up the mess that our Police Department has reduced itself to, especially keeping in mind other cans of worms that have recently emerged from this Department? But by allowing a Central agency to clean up our Police Department, wouldn't our state Government open up its own cans of worms thus jeopardize its electoral chances? Right-thinking people of Nagaland must not allow the state Government's dilemma to stand in their way of fighting corruption, getting justice and paving the way for conscientious governance. 

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