Diphupar ‘B’ Village ‘Covid-19 Task Committee’ assist returnees, maintain QCs

DIPHUPAR B COVIDDimapur, August 14: Diphupar ‘B’ Village led by its Council Chairman, Kahuto N Chishi, along with a vibrant team comprising of Village Council members, Naga Women Welfare Society, Naga Youth Organization, Diphupar ‘B’ Village and various tribal bodies formed a 7-member Covid-19 Task Committee to assist the returnees and monitor the situation within the vicinity of the village.
The Committee has been working 24/7, thereby monitoring the overall situation in Diphupar ‘B’ Village. The Chakhesang Church, Ao Church, Sema Church, Yimchunger and Lotha Church, have also come forward and offered their Church facilities to be utilized as Quarantine Centres.
At present 5 Quarantine Centres are fully functional, with the returnees registered and listed to be lodged at these facilities till upto December 2020 stands at 121, while 85 returnees have returned home after completing their stay at the village run Quarantine Centres. 4 persons are still under community Quarantine Homes, while 16 households are placed under Home Quarantine.
Members from Naga Women Welfare Society Diphupar B Village is taking care to provide good nutritious balance diet to all the returnees; while the Naga Youth Organization members are working round the clock keeping strict vigil to ensure that security measures within the village is in place; while taking extra care to provide friendly ambience to oversee that no genuine persons are being harrassed in any way.
Free movement of labourers are strictly monitored and they are advised to be responsible, while their needs are being taken care of by the Village Council.
The Village Council is also giving all out support to needy families by providing ration support and distribution of clean drinking water to those in need.
While stories of frontline workers, being harassed by their house owners in various villages, with some even restricting the entries of Frontline workers are being reported in some part of the State , and even within Dimapur district, the Diphupar B Village have gone out of their way to protect and assist the frontline workers in every possible ways by supporting and assisting them both within and even outside the village jurisdiction, with the Village ‘COVID 19 Task Committee ‘ , constantly monitoring their health and assisting them by all means possible
The ‘COVID 19 Task Committee’ , Diphupar B Village comprises of the following members: Anito N Shohe, VCM, Convenor; Keve Nuh, VCM ,Member Secretary; Temsu Longkumar, VCM – Member; Along Longkumar, Chairman (ACM) All Community Forum, Diphupar B Village- member; Among Imsong, President , Naga Women Welfare Society Diphupar B Village – member; Nongothung Tsopoe, Member, Naga Youth Organization Diphupar B Village; Moses K.K Zeliang, Member, Naga Youth Organization Diphupar B Village.
These 7 member ‘COVID 19 Task Committee’ had organized an awareness program on COVID 19 in the village with Dr. Randemo as resource person. A total of 139 members from the village attended the awareness program following all standard operating procedures, while maintaining social distancing.
The 7 member Committee also attended a training program held at Chumu Block to familiarize themselves on how best to tackle the pandemic situation.
(Page News Service)