CSDs appeal to make logistic arrangements for returnees

Dimapur, May 22: Mass based Civil Societies of Dimapur held an emergency meeting today and discussed about the issue of the arrival of stranded citizens to Dimapur from various parts of the country and the stranded citizens enroute through Dimapur to different districts and also their accommodations.
The civil societies said that since the first day of combating COVID-19, the District Task Force Dimapur along with different civil societies, NGOs and administration has been doing its best to contain the pandemic taking all measures for the safety and concern of all, however, the resources and institutions for quarantine are exhausted with overflow of citizens from actual capacity.
To secure the people from the pandemic situation, the meeting appealed to all civil societies and administration of different districts to make all logistic arrangements for receiving their own citizens and to provide facilities for quarantine at their respective district after deportation from Dimapur.
The meeting also stressed that every district were provided fund for combating COVID-19 and appealed to all other districts to receive their citizens and ensure that their own children are not left behind, as Dimapur has its own share of challenges and to share the load of other districts would be a big concern for all as it has to accommodate its own citizens.
The CSO requested the citizens not to panic and to stay home for safety.
The meeting was attended by Dimapur Urban Council Chairman Federation (DUCCF), Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU), Naga Women Hoho Dimapur (NWHD) and GBs Union Dimapur. (Page News Service)