Cover of Book titled, ‘3C SOS-The Final Answer’ released


Dimapur, August 16: The cover of a book entitled ‘3C SOS – The Final Answer’ authored by Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema was released during a Private Book-Cover Release Event by K Tokugha Sukhalu, Advisor, School Education, Government of Nagaland at his residence at Dimapur on August 15.
During the release of the book, K Tokugha Sukhalu highlighted the importance of education in the progress and development of an individual and the society at large.
He remarked that everyone including the students, teachers and other stakeholders including the Department of Education should be serious and committed towards the growth of education which is the foundation of every civilized society.
‘3C SOS – The Final Answer’ is a Non-Fiction Illustrative and Informative Book which is in its final stage of publication and will very soon hit the stands. It covers the adventurous journey of the author to Mt. Everest in Nepal and also seeks to bring about a wide-scale transformation in not only education but also in environmental concerns throughout the country and even beyond, while at the same time shedding valuable insights into the current COVID-19 pandemic.
SOS is the key acronym for distress and an emergency reaction to the effects of the 3 Cs representing Climate Change, COVID-19 and Curriculum. The author feels that the book will serve as a Final Answer to many of the pressing questions of the present world.
The book is an attempt at documenting the author’s experiences during his participation along with his youngest son, 12 years old Master Aaron Akivito Sumi, in the Mt. Everest Fashion Runway event which was coincidentally held atop the Mt. Everest on 26th January, this year’s Republic Day. The event registered an all new Guinness World Record as the world’s highest fashion show for climate change and was attended by more than 18 professional supermodels from across the world to voice out their concerns on the environmental degradation.
The book also emphasizes on climate change and global warming while at the same time seeks governmental intervention at bringing about a comprehensive transformation in the curriculum framework of schools as well as colleges whereby environment and its various aspects, including entrepreneurial mindset and skills development are covered compulsorily as separate subjects right from the primary level instead of professing environmental concerns only in the high school or college level.
The ultimate motive of this book is to suggest a universal fail safe mechanism of education system which will incorporate skills, entrepreneurial mindset and environmental awareness at its core while also creating opportunities for millions of young minds to be driven by humanity.
According to the author, Dr. Andrew Ahoto Sema, the COVID-19 lockdown period, despite its dreariness, has in a positive way given an opportunity to him to make the best possible use of the solitude to introspect on his contribution to social transformation as a modern day educator as well as a social entrepreneur.
Moreover, during this period, he was overwhelmed by the total lack of preparedness for combating this pandemic and he felt that the situation could have been better handled and managed if the educational system of the country was at par with that of the developed nations.
This became a great source of motivation for the book wherein one will come across the result of a painstaking research on climate change, COVID-19 and educational curriculums around the world, he stated.
(Page News Service)