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Cong demands implementation of political solution for Nagaland

AICC secretary in-charge Nagaland, Ajoy Kumar

KOHIMA, OCTOBER 6: The Congress Party has demanded implementation of the agreed positions between the Central Government and the Naga political negotiators that are feasible for the State of Nagaland and also strengthening of one government, one law and one tax.

“Right now every person in Nagaland is suffering with multiple taxation and extortions happening across the State due to the unresolved Naga Political Issue”, said AICC secretary in-charge Nagaland, Ajoy Kumar.
It is the BJP-Modi Government that announced in 2015 that they had solved the Naga problem and if so, our demand is to implement those parts which are implementable for the people of Nagaland, he said.
He pointed out that the Government had said the agreement had matters which were concerning the State of Nagaland and also those beyond the State, while those beyond the State were not resolved.
So why do the people of Nagaland have to suffer instead of implementing those issues which are part of Nagaland, he questioned.
He was addressing the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) introductory meeting with the newly appointed AICC Secretary in-charge of the party at Congress Bhavan here.
“The primary job of the Government is to implement one law and one tax and that should be the basis of the Government. But the present Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and the whole Assembly, which has an opposition-less Government has done the biggest crime against the people of Nagaland and continues to do so”, he said.
The present Government has the dubious distinction of being the most corrupt and most badly governed Government in India as per Niti Aayog report, he said.
A State with over 80% literacy rate deserve better but has to suffer the most corrupt and incompetent Government in India, he lamented while saying that Congress will fight to demand better for the people of the State.
Also saying that Nagaland’s diverse religious, social and cultural history is under threat from the BJP-led Central Government, he said that the “BJP Government does not believe in religious, cultural and social diversity”.
The INC demands religious, social and cultural freedom for the people of Nagaland, he said.
“The BJP wants to decide what people should eat, clothes to wear, religious place to pray and anybody who does not fit into their definition is either anti-national or a threat to them”, he said.
NPCC president K Therie said that Congress is hopeful of removing the corrupt Government in the State in the next general elections. He said Congress is the only political organization which has its roots in the villages and hoped to wake them up with the support and blessing of AICC.
Therie said that he, along with NPCC officials, have been touring the State against the unfaithful Government of Nagaland. The present Government is not faithful to the people but it is faithful to Modi and spreading Hindutva, he said.
“We cannot allow the demography of Nagaland to change again”, he said, adding that under the Rio Government Naga people have to pay taxes to 12 self-styled governments and this Government has failed to protect the Naga people.
NPCC working president Khriedi Theünuo said the BJP Government in the Centre has been taking Naga people for a ride by saying the Naga political talks have concluded on October 30, 2019 but it is still lingering without any solution.
Solution of Naga Political Issue is a must to strengthen the Congress party in Nagaland, said Theunuo.
NPCC appeals to VP.
Meanwhile NPCC president K Therie in a submission to the Vice President of India demanded implementation of political solution for Nagaland.

Therie reminded that Naga Accord/Framework Agreement was signed in the official residence of the Prime Minister on August 3, 2015 and Agreed Point reached with 7 Nagaland National Political Groups on November 17, 2017.
“Prime Minister has announced Naga problem has been resolved. Governor announced talks are over for Nagaland in the State Assembly and 213 Report of Parliamentary Standing Committee of Home Affairs in reference to August 3, 2015 agreement, cleared that: (1) Settlement will be within Union of India, (2) Interstate boundaries shall not be changed and recommended for generous economic package”, he said.
Therie highlighted that on September 30, 2019 Interlocutor for Naga talks brought all factions and concluded negotiations. “Interlocutor thereafter have consulted stakeholders, represented by all 14 Tribal Hohos (organizations in Nagaland), All Gaon Buras Federation of Nagaland, all political parties and prominent civil societies in the State, have endorsed in principle for implementation of Agreed Points”, he claimed.
The NPCC, however, said on August 3, 2021, the Chief Minister of Nagaland made a statement in the Assembly that Government has not rejected the demand of NSCN (IM) – flag, constitution and integration and shall be pursued post agreement, “rendering meaningless to all the above proceedings”. This resulted in the 60 Members of the State Assembly making a resolution demanding resumption of talks, said Therie.
Reminding that the last paragraph of the Framework Agreement had assured “to work out details of execution plan to implement shortly”, the PCC reasoned that “6 years lapse can’t be said shortly”.
“However in the case of Nagaland, since talks are over and that Chief Minister of Nagaland and the parties in alliance have promised repeatedly in all election to pave the way, if, acceptable and honourable solution is found and since Nagaland State stakeholders have accepted the agreed points between GOI and 7 NNPGs in principle, we demand to finalise details and implement the solution in cold storage for Nagaland”, the NPCC demanded.
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