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Monday, January 22, 2018

Pandora’s Box

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 11:46
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Naomi Kikon

A large jar was given to us which contained everything evil in the world. We are born to know this world so, evil does fly out of everywhere as we walk around it. Only one thing is left that is hope which is the only ray of true happiness.

 Any place on this Earth becomes our world once we remember its details. We roam in the pretend busy streets full of weary minds still learning how to earn and maintain relations, full of dust and vehicles. I see there is so much to achieve and expect from our leaders. There is development but no change in living standards just too many cars not fitting in our tiny roads. No paths to walk on but hey I can jump them pot holes and act like it's the New York City runway. Roads are being made but not concrete just being levelled and some tar sauce is being poured on them (sometimes) to give them a finishing look for a few months. It is evident that our roads are not even mediocre so they should be made once and for all to gain a better name because Dimapur is known as the Hub of Nagaland.

Bangladeshis come to our area without any trouble; they settle, they sell, we buy, we house them. I don't think anyone deserves to be kicked out of their homes but it is strictly advisable to have a stronger boundary to avoid unnecessary population. The pleasant street shops where I can bargain till my throat dries haven't changed nor have the garbage been thrown inside the dustbin. Businesses seem to be rising which could be a good thing for our economy.

 I see hard work in the maintenance of traffic, the catchy boards saying "You own a car not the road obey traffic rules" convey perfect guidance to those impatient drivers. Two wheelers being parked in four wheeler space should be towed because they have their own areas for reducing jams. The digital clock in city tower finally works; three cheers to that. Apart from everything I see a developing city slow, but it is happening. I want to acknowledge what the youth can do to build a safer, more just place to live in because everyone wants to live a corrupt free peaceful life where money received is used to build better roads or better sanitation. Hope is what keeps us going let us allow our hopes to turn to achievements ignoring all the ills of this earth and run towards our dreams.

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