CMO Dimapur urges salt traders to sell only iodized salt

Dimapur, October 22: Chief Medical Officer, Dimapur, Dr K Vikato Kinimi today urged the Salt Stockists and Traders under Dimapur district to sell only iodized salt so that the public may use only iodized salt.
Speaking at the observation observation of Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day held at CMO’s Office Dimapur, Dr Kinimi also informed the Salt Stockist and Traders in Dimapur that the Health Department will be carrying out inspection and testing of iodised salt on a regular basis and defaulters will be fined as per the provision provided under PFA Act 1954 which bans the sale of non-iodised salt in the country.
Dr. Antoly Suu, Dy.CMO Dimapur oriented the members on the conditions and diseases related to iodine deficiency disorders.
She said, “Using only iodine salt is a small step which everyone can take to prevent many irreversible health issues such as mental and physical growth retardation, goitre, etc.” She further informed that all Stockists must notify the Department when new salt consignment reaches Dimapur for testing and verification.
Zhapu demonstrated how to test for iodine in salts using the iodine test kit. All the members present also took the pledge to sell and distribute only iodised salt in the district. Salt stockists and traders under Dimapur participated in the programme.
Awareness activities on Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention (IDDP) are being carried out in various schools by organising Painting Competition, Essay Writing Competition, etc. and awareness programs for community leaders are also being conducted.
The IDDP awareness activities are being carried out throughout the month of October 2018 in Dimapur District. (Page News Service)