CBCK youth ministry Golden jubilee concludes

Kohima, November 11: Golden jubilee of the Youth Ministry of Chakhesang Baptist Church Kohima (CBCK) concluded here today at CBCK under the theme “Amaze.”
Through this two day jubilee culmination programme, the Youth Ministry celebrated God’s faithfulness and unceasing blessings.
In today’s morning worship service, Rev. Dr. Vesekhoyi Tetseo, general secretary Asia Pacific Baptist Federation (APBF) complimented the CBCK Youth Ministry for completing 50 glorious years.
Talking on the topic “Amazing Grace,” he challenged the youth to rededicate themselves to the service of God and renew their faith in God.
“Do not compromise your faith in God,” he said and at the same time challenged the congregation to have faith in God so that God will take them wherever they want to go.
He said the APBF want to do something to facilitate those in need of help and invited the CBCK Youth Ministry to ponder over something to do short term mission together.
Sharing greetings, Rev. Vikuo Rhi, youth secretary Nagaland Baptist Church Council urged the Youth Ministry to reach out the people who are in need of help.
He also challenged the youth to renew their commitment and dedication and accustom themselves with the basic principles of Christianity and live as a good Christian.
Rev. Rhi told the congregation said that without spiritual foundation we cannot do anything in life.
He also called upon the youth to be patient and exercise utmost kindness to others.
The morning service was led by Razukhrii Vasa while Rev. Dr. Kevekhalo Khalo invoked God’s blessings.
Later, Rev. Dr. Zelhou Keyho, general secretary Nagaland Baptist Church Council talked on the topic ” Proclaim God’s Righteousness” at the evening worship service.
Muliivoyi Nienu, youth secretary Chakhesang Baptist Church Council also shared greetings.
The evening service was led by Pusiihii Theliio while Kethovino Rhakho pronounced invocation prayer.
Jubilee choir, CBC Ministers’ Hill Kohima youth choir, youth office bearers and senior youth fellowship presented special numbers on the occasion. Jubilee community feast also marked the occasion.
Vote of thanks was proposed by Thsopelo Kapfo.
(Page News Service)